The Walking Dead Returns Tonight! Check This “Ultimate Zombie Prep Guide” For Pertinent Survival Tips

I apparently would not survive a zombie apocalypse, as I had previously elected to save my fiance in the hope that a cure would one day surface; she, on the other hand ensures her survival by electing to ruthlessly slaughter me. Smart girl. So after mercilessly dispatching your loved ones, refer to this handy chart for your next steps in surviving (and possibly prospering) in this terrifying new world*:

who will survive & what will be left of them

*Note: New world may not actually be terrifying! Maybe it’s delightful?
(Link via The Roosevelt’s)

Trailer Park: Dude, You Just Got Left 4 Dead in my Black Ops 2!

The first CoD: Zombie whatever I played was in Black Ops; it never really did much for me. I didn’t get what I was supposed to do besides kill zombies. That’s fun, right, but there’s clearly other stuff going on with vending machines and doors and i don’t even know what. It seemed stupidly complicated for something that should be stupidly simple. Did Cod: MW3 have a zombies mode? I would look but I just don’t care enough to. (ed.note: That is 10 demerits you lazy bastard! The answer is no, by the way.)

So Zombies mode is back in this Fall’s Black Ops II and you know what? It looks just bananas enough that I’m going to give it a go, even though it, shall we say, looks to borrow heavily from another popular zombie franchise.

Trailer Park: Wreck-it-Ralph

To be honest, I had completely ignored absolutely everything about this movie and ended up watching the trailer because I was bored at work.  Stupid me, because this actually looks awesome.  Two second synopsis: Video game villain gets tired of his racket, quits to wander through other games.  The Villains Anonymous scene alone looks tremendous.  Zangief! Bowser! A zombie! Ghost from Pac Man whose name I forget! Dr. Robotnik! Good on Disney for not making yet another terrible movie.