Zelda Nerds, Fetch Your Wallets

Via Kotaku, check out pretty, stunning (and pretty stunning!) Zelda posters based off of WWII propaganda posters from Fernando Reza. Even if you’re suffering from mash-up fatigue, these are definitely worth a look.

Link to buy them

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What You Could Buy Instead of this Original NES Legend of Zelda Prototype

That's...too muchAccording too Geekologie, this The Legend of Zelda prototype is currently on sale for $150,000. It’s on eBay right now, check it out

For those of us with that much scratch just burning a hole in your giant vault full of gold coins that you like swimming in,maybe you want to hold off a minute.  What else could you get for 150 large? Why, you could:

Buy a house

Pick up a car or two

Everyone loves watches!


144 unlimited monthly Metrocards for the NYC subway system (that’s 12 years son!)

– Not a fan or cars or trains? Buy some racehorses, arrive everywhere in Old World style.

– Pay my rent for the next 94 months.

Get hammered like a fancy gentleman!

Get hammered like a less fancy gentlemen, but to the power of 150,000!

Choices, choices.