This Week’s Comics Haul – A Fourth of My Paycheck

The important take away this week is thatwhen I say I’m not going to buy a book anymore, more often than not…I’m still going to pick it up.  Case in point with:

Wolverine 310 – arts improved but what do you expect when Simone Bianchi is back on the title. I don’t think Loeb’s really bringing it this issue but I’m definitely intrigued as to how & why Sabretooth came back. He was killed via the Muramasa by Logan himself (apparently the only weapon that can kill Wolverine dead.) and once more in Hell.  Yet he’s back, popping up the last few months. Other points of interest: a)Who could possibly pick this book up and figure out what’s going on? This is a perfect example of why a reboot is needed.  Completely choked with bizarre continuity. b) So they’re up in Alaska and Logan’s savior shows up in a one piece bathing suit.  You’re not cold?? c) Once more back to Silver Foxes and back to Weapon X. How many times is this material going to be revisited?

AvX 7 -Magick v. Scarlet Witch; this should be interesting.Here’s my problem with Wanda: her powers are so ill-definied that they could be anything. So she’s shooting hex bolts one minute, then wiping out 99% of the mutant race, then completely neutralizing the Phoenix? BE CONSISTENT. Speaking of, what did Clint shoot at Emma to completely scramble her? I know he continued on that road by soccer kicking her, Pride-era Shogun Rua syle.  But then it ends poorly for Mr. Barton, but what did you expect, you kicked a demi-god in the face!Favorite line of the issue goes to The Black Panther and “…the Black Panther prowls the boundary between super science & magic”.  Has anyone else noticed that they can never draw Hope right. Sometime she looks like a super model and other times ( like this issue) she looks like a 12 year old. Interesting move by Emma which leads to a fantastic splash page to close out the issue.  Anyone else notice the cool little touch of Namor crushing the balcony he was holding on to after his disagreement with Cyclops?

Uncanny X-men 15 – Assault on Sinister! If Marvel’s 616 universe is happening in one analogous to ours, albeit with super heroes, how does anyone take them seriously? You’re telling me that the Marvel U 616 Conan isn’t making cracks at Cyclops’ red thong? Fox & Friends aren’t calling Emma a tramp? The Phoenix Five’s (still hate the name) condescension and verbal head-patting of the other X-Men is pretty funny.  “Don’t get up, we’ve got this”.  Somehow I expect Sinister to hand them their asses and need a save.  But that’s just me.

Animal Man 11 – Very cool call back to the original Animal Man series to open this issue.  Buddy gets a warning from his quas-saviors to “Be still, this will hurt very much. ” Alberto Ponticelli might be the perfect artist for this series; his drawings of The Rot are truly grotesque.

Swamp Thing 11 -We’re finally on the cusp: The Green & The Red vs. The Rot begins next issue! This issue is just the final set-up push to get there.  Not really feeling Marco Rudy’s art for this series though, much preferred Yanick Paquette.

Thief of Thieves 6 – A question for anyone reading this book: The hand image that makes up a portion of the title on both the cover and the credits page…is that a famous image from something, possibly Hitchcockian? That image also makes up a Tumblr & WordPress theme so it has to be fairly well known.  This seems like a bridge issue too; the big payoff looks to be (but probably won’t be) next issue. Which I think will help determine where this series is headed.  Because right now it seems like this could just be a 7 issue mini-series.

Amazing Spider-Man 688- Synchronicity ( and not The Police album)! The Lizard shows up just in time to coincide with the release of the Amazing Spider-Man. Here’s a question: how does Spider-Man heal? He gets the piss beat out of him on the reg but as far as I know he doesn’t have any sort of accelerated healing powers. My favorite part of this issue is when Mary Jane called out P.parker for his incredibly dumb new motto “When I’m around, no one dies”. I think she’s the mouthpiece for the comic book community because that is just the absolute thing SM has ever said. Another issue: does SM have some sort of voice modulator in his mask or something?  He bursts into Horizon labs where he works with people (geniuses, mind you) that he begins shouting at.  How do they not match Spidey’s voice with Parker’s? C’mon!

Amazing Spider-Man 689 – Moebius drooling over bloodwork is a perfect tough, as is The Lizard pretending to cry.”What is the proper human response to the? Ah. Flailing limbs. Wet eyes. Mewling.” Madame Web lives in my neighborhood (Astoria!!).

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Haul Thoughts: This Past Week’s Comics

Jumping in with both feet, straight into the squishy mass of picture books.

Batman Inc #01 – Overall, tremendous book.  However, this issue raised a number of questions, like : is Chris Burnham purposefully aping Frank Quitely’s art style, or is it more of a homage? If the New 52 is a clean sweep of continuity, why is Robin acknowledging the death (or temporal disappearance) of Bruce Wayne? How could any casual reader pick this up and get what was going on?  That said, I did  enjoy the homage to The Dark Knight Returns with the inclusion of the Mutants towards the end of the book.  Also, BAT COW.

Wolverine and the X-Men #11 – The whimsy of the earlier issues is gone, ground under the boot heel of this never ending yet increasingly stupid AvX crossover.

Wolverine #307 – I think after the next issue which concludes this Dr. Rot (who?) story arc I’m done with this book.  I liked Wolverine Goes to Hell and the subsequent issues but this is nowhere on par with those. This did increase my interest in picking up Barry Windsor-Smith’s landmark Weapon X  series though.  Maybe next week.  Two points in this issue: 1) Dr. Rot’s use of a wire hanger on Wolverine was terrifying and 2) Charlie Chainsaws? Really?

X-Men #29 – Buyers remorse on page 1. I’d give this to my nephew but I want him to have a positive image of comics.

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #11 – Very nice nod tot he West Coast Avengers. Otherwise, this seems like another never ending arc. Everyone please die.

The Walking Dead #98 – More of the same but an interesting build towards issue #100, a shocking death & an even more shocking escape.

Hulk #8 – Most surprising book I picked up.  Without spoiling anything, there’s a very clever twist on the Hulk mythos here.  I’m not a huge fan of Dillon’s art here for the Hulk though.  I know it can’t/won’t be Silvestri all the time/ever again but Dillon does better with just straight human characters.  His Hulk is…odd.  Curious how Hulk is so eloquent these days.  Best quote from the issue “You wouldn’t like me when I’m not angry”. Another Hulk issue, another creepy sex bit: this time we have a man/dog hybrid named Pit Bull who’s car is full of non-human/dog hybrids, just straight dogs.  So, uhhh…what’s going on there?

SuperCrooks #2 & #3 – picked both up.  I’ve liked the execution of a super villains-meets- Ocean’s Eleven vibe; even more I like that the mark is quite possibly one of my favorite comic book characters of all time.

FF#09 – Free elections have consequences, don’t they Mr. Storm?

Batman Annual #01 – surprisingly good! I like this updated look at Mr. Freeze’s super-twisted back story.

Amazing Spider Man Annual #39 – Garbage. Don’t read.