Calm Before the Storm: Pre-E3 Watch Dogs & COD: Ghosts News

Watch Dogs Watch Dogs Whatcha Gonna Do Whatcha Gonna Do when They Watch on Youuuuuuu??

Apparently “someone” (read: DEFINITELY NOT A PR PERSON OR SOCIAL MEDIA JERK) leaked the Watch Dogs E3 trailer just a bit early.  Whoops-a-daisie. But watch it below, knowing full well that someone is probably watching you watch a video game trailer about..watching dogs?  To be honest, I have ZERO idea what Watch Dogs is about.  I keep getting it confused with Sleeping Dogs. (via Kotaku)

Also, we’ve got two count ’em dos examples next-gen, in-game footage from the game you’ll soon find yourself screaming “THAT’S BULLSHIT!”, “YEAH WHATEVER BRO” and most importantly “I TOTALLY KILLED YOU!” at the television come November, COD:Ghost Roe. 

(via Kotaku)

Who’s ready for another 8 hours of exploding set pieces to muddle through before playing multiplayer nonstop for three months and forsaking everyone & everything?

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