Preview of Olivier Coipel’s Cover for Uncanny X-Force

I spy with my astigmatism’d eye:Bishop! The return of Mohawk Storm! Is that Spiral, with a better balanced set of limbs? Female Fantomex? Betsy “British Asian Ninja Telepath” Braddock? And uh….fat bald dude?  Wait, is that BALD BULL?! Oh shit, Bald Bull is just going to totally WRECK the X-Universe! Just don’t punch him in the stomach in between his 3rd & 4th hop (long charge) or 2nd & 3rd hop (short charge).  Man…Bald Bull, X-Man.  Talk about worlds colliding. Link via Comics Alliance.

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Incoming! New Thunderbolts Team Hits in December

Lookit this lineup! Red Hulk! Deadpool! Elektra! Venom! Punisher! Check out the cover and tell me you don’t want to read this book:

your doom


Though, to be honest, it looks like it’s drawing inspiration from two places:

fantastic cash in

But at least Wolverine isn’t in it (yet)!

The jaded cynic in me sees this as a quick cash-grab, a “let’s throw all the bad asses on one team, give them cool costumes and sell a boatload of books! Fanboys’ll buy anything” kind of book (see the Fantastic Four image above, which could be seen as a trial run for this series). That thought is kind of born out by the matching color schematic last seen used on Uncanny X-Force (take familiar costume, tweak colors, viola!).

BUT. It’s a powerful visual and the potential shenanigans of the series intrigue me. Because, well…I’m a fanboy, dammit. OH YOU DIDN’T KNOW? Guess we’ll find out in September, with more square Steve Dillon faces than we can shake a resurrected Phoenix at.
(Link via Comics Alliance)

This Week’s Comic’s Haul also; What’s up WIth Marvel’s Man Thong Fascination?

Amazing Spider-Man #687 – Excellent cover art, so-so resolution to the story with the death of a “Who?  Oh. Who cares?” character.  Also, there was a blatant rip off of one of the most emotional and epic spider moments from the past, ever.  Look in the comments for details as again, no spoilers but this had nowhere near the poignancy that the orignal moment did. (Hint: It involves the Juggernaut.  The original, not this Colossus bastardization).

American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #01- So I picked this up, I just haven’t read it yet.  Have you been reading American Vampire? You should be.

Avengers #27 – I was never clear on who the Protector was in the first place, so him apparently getting the boot form The Avengers is no big deal.  The whole book moves so quickly from betrayal to betrayal to a non-resolution; the two best things about this book were: A) The cover and B)When it was over. They also completely gloss over HOW  this particular squad of Avengers managed to avoid burning up in the sun.  You have all of the members on the ship, preparing to fry, Thor is outside the ship, grimmacing and clearly prepping for the worst and then VOILA!  they’re on the Kree home world stomping the Protector flat.  Done with this book.

Batman #10 – WEAK SAUCE. How many times are they going to retcon the Batman mythos?

Batman & Robin #10 – Damien is a giant asshole and a wonderful character to read.  His casual dismissal of hardened criminals and more experienced Robin’s is balanced by his running off to get his dog for a portrait and as he dashes out of panel you can see his shoe laces are untied.  Balancing the psychotic assassin side with the 10 year old boy side is a clever little touch.  Details  like that let me know both the artist and the writer are actually putting some thought into their books.

Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #01 – It’s not a bad read at all, though it has a heavy  Archie  vibe.  Still, I don’t get why these (and more coming) exist.  Well, okay, I get why they exi$$$t, but was Watchmen really begging for prequels?  No.  But what the hell, I’ll read them.  BONUS: Check after the jump for the oh-so-clever (ed.note: It’s not clever) facial joke.

Fantastic Four #607 – Another clever moment involving kids, this time a little punk bad mouths The Black Panther within T’Challa’s earshot and while walking backwards, backs into the king.  Like all loudmouths, he quickly goes mum and mutters something about wanting to ride Elephants with Franklin.  I found it to be a nice joke panel.  Otherwise, something about Egyptian gods and a well I don’t even know.

Incredible Hulk #09 – This series is so uneven! Hulk’s in Atlantis (well, the Atlantean version of a hick border town, really) where some stupid nonsense happens.  Best part: Sailor to Captain: “The cannons are loaded with hammerheads.  Crabs are whipped into a frenzy. And every Atlantean on board is heavily armed and drunk to the gills.” Moments later, Captain to sailor: “KEEP FIRING! KEEP DRINKING!” Otherwise, not important.  Skip this.

Invincible #92 – Totally getting this out of habit only.  Once issue #100 hits I’m out.

Spider-Men #01 – Complete and total set up issue.  Avoid.

Ultimate Comics X-Men #13 – Done reading the Ultimate Comics line. I don’t care about what’s happening, any of the remaining characters and the plots are stupid.

Uncanny X-Force #26 – Another X-book I’m going to stop reading.  A fleet of Omega Red variations show up, can’t kill Wolverine or alterna-Nightcrawler, Deadpool sucks now that he doesn’t have his healing factor anymore, I do not care about Fantomex or Psylocke sooooo….passing on UXF from here on out.

After the jump, the Marvel’s Mysterious Man Thongs

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