The Rise and Reign of Napoleon Bonaparte….in FIFA

The day FIFA gets released is always a great day for me.  Watching live matches for the past month or so gets me itching to get my hands on the latest edition of FIFA and this game so far has not disappointed.  The level of depth in the Ultimate Team, EA Sports Football Club, and Career modes have me so sidetracked today I’ve only played a handful games over the four to five  hour span that I’ve actually had the game.

Aside from the Ultimate Team which will be taking up a majority of my time, I have decided to start a career and give updates as I work my up from the lowly ranks of a Ligue 1 French team to the head coach of a World Cup squad.

As a history teacher by heart (this year I’m teaching third grade) I will play as one of my favorite historical figures.  A man whose strategy is studied at military academies all over the world.  Hopefully some of his strategies will have a successful translation from the battlefield and onto the playing field.  The man who will be leading the charge is none other than Napoleon Bonaparte.

From the humble beginnings in Ajaccio in Corsica where our dear leader was born (you can visit his house), Napoleon will set out to first prove his dominance of the French Leagues against the likes of PSG, Olympique Lyon, and Lille. But soon he will set his eyes on bigger prizes like he did almost 200 years ago.  Austria, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, and finally strive get revenge on the country that decimated his army…..Russia.  As the newly appointed general…, Napoleons sole objective in the first season is simply to avoid relegation.  Working with only a 1.8 million euro budget, time will tell if his financial strategy of getting good players is as good as his strategy on the pitch.  Season starts tomorrow with games against OGC Nice and the oh so dangerous PSG….

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VPH Looks Ahead: FIFA 13

(ed. note: Intrepid contributor ViciousPjuraHead is spending the summer in Italy and will be filing dispatches of a gaming or comic related nature, when he gets around to it.

The fact that the keyword for the FIFA 13 is “unpredictable” has me salivating; for as long as I’ve played the Fifa franchise I’ve always thought that the gameplay was too calculated and too precise.  If I could’ve communicated one thing to EA over the past three years it would’ve been, “Why don’t you watch five soccer games on TV, and everything that happens in those five games, should (possibly) happen in the video game”.  EA’s slogan is “if it’s in the game, it’s in the game “ right?.  (I’ll let John Terry kneeing Alexis Sanchez in the leg slip on this one).  Attacking Intelligence, Complete Dribbling, First Touch Control, Tactical Free Kicks and an updated Player Impact Engine are all massive updates and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

The fact that International competitions are playing a big part in the game is just as important as the gameplay improvements.  I am much more of an International soccer fan than a club fan (maybe because I am history teacher and Nationalistic undertones among games always makes me excited). In Euro 2012 how awesome would It have been if Germany was placed in Group 1 instead of Greece?  Forget the Group of Death (Russia, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic), it’d be called the Group of Rancor, ’40’s edition.

The Skills Games are an important enhancement; now I’ll be able to effectively learn what skills to use and when, as opposed to randomly using a skill move and hoping (and usually failing) to get by my opponent.  I’m a bit worried though, as it’ll be helpful for casual gamers like myself but I have a feeling it may make the best even better.

I’ll give this year’s Career Mode an honest to goodness fair chance.  I was always hesitant in the past because a 38 game season was way too long in my opinion.  With the deeper career mode, a more realistic transfer market, and the opportunity to start as a rookie in a teams youth academy and work your way up to the top, this can only make you a better player in the long run both in offline and online modes.  I like the possibility of taking your country to World Cup Glory, either by playing for a country or being the coach. I’m taking  Zambia to the Cup, baby!

Nothing new has been mentioned about Ultimate Team as of yet, but I’m really hoping they keep up the good work and continue to make fun and accessible for all gamers.  My only gripe is that for the two years I have never gotten a player from a pack who was more than an 85 (Stekelenburg) who everybody had anyway.  I have spent easily 50-75 dollars the last two years and still cannot manage to get anyone of significance.  Don’t know if it’s luck but here is hoping my luck changes for FIFA 13.