Trailer Park: Bioshock Infinite, “Lamb of Columbia”

Can it just be March 26th already? Sick of waiting for this game to come out! JUST LET ME PLAY YOU ALREADY.


Trailer Park: While You’re Waiting for Looper to Hit Theaters, Watch This (Sadly) Not Real Trailer for an 8-bit Looper Game

I think this game might be better than Sleeping Dogs…

Straight from the mind of Deepak Chetty; check out some of this other work!

(Link via Kotaku)

If you have somehow missed out on this trailer (wha?!) take a peek:

This, alongside Avengers, Cabin in the Woods,¬†and Dark Knight Rises, are/were the films I was most looking forward to this summer. So far? I think Avengers has been the one I’ve enjoyed the most. I maaaaaaaaaay even put Cabin in the Woods ahead of DKR. I know, I know, blasphemy. Still, both Whedon films were somewhat unknown quantities that managed to surprise and delight. DKR was more of the same. Need to break up the monotony of filet mignon every now & again with some hot wings & gummi coke bottles, y’know?

Trailer Park: First Look at Black Ops II Multiplayer

As much as I’ve bitched & moaned about this game (and will continue to do so right up until release day) this looks super awesome. Dammit.¬† DAMMIT. Every year they pull me back in!¬† Am I really so bereft of willpower?

Notes from the trailer:

– What is that thing he’s throwing?

– I like that they’ve changed the kill notifications.

– Is one of the killstreaks a portable microwave emitter?

РThose flying Dragonfire things are going to be as annoying as the RC cars from Black Ops I.  Just you wait.

– You can get a MECH? That is awesome & wholly unfair.

– The throwing implement this go round is a sweet looking hand axe. I look forward to sticking this in your skulls, anonymous BOII players.

– Kamikaze swarms?

Trailer Park, SDCC ’12 Edition: Deadpool Video Game Trailer

Not sure what to make of this; I used to¬†really¬†like Deadpool. ¬†But once he became the comedic version of Wolverine/started appearing in 5+ books a month, I kind of reached my limit. ¬†I’m also not a huge fan of the “narrating to himself” schtick they’ve been running with the past few years. ¬†Still…cool costume, cool concept and hey, guns AND a sword? ¬†THat’s pretty badass.

I’m a little torn on this trailer then, as it doesn’t really show me anything worth getting excited about. ¬†It’s difficult to even ascertain what the style of the game is going to be from the trailer. ¬†Go ahead and watch it, let me know what you think in the comments.

Trailer Park: Borderlands WHOOOO, Am I Going to Have to Buy a Vita, Who is Batman & What Does Marcellus Wallace Look Like?

No game coming out this year fills me with such giddyness & joy as Borderlands 2.

Assassin’s Creed III Liberation looks so good I kind of want to buy a PS Vita. ¬†I can’t, I mean, really. ¬†When would I ever have time to play it? Still, watch the trailer; you’ll want one too. ¬†To make matters worse, there’s a sweet bundle too. ¬†Maybe I can get one cheap off of Craigslist or something.






Are you Batman? Are you?

Pulp Fortress 2 – The breakfast scene from¬†Pulp Fiction¬† recreated in Valve’s recently released Source movie editor.