It’s a Trailer Park Two-fer: X-Men – Days of Future Past AND The Walking Dead: Season Two

I hated First Class, but that may have had more to do with the continuity clashes that Fat Snyder’s X-Men The Final Stand introduced. Hmm. On second thought, no. Because there were enough continuity clashes with Singer’s earlier films that pulled me right out of the movie. But Days of Future Past? This looks more than promising.

I’m going to have to quit my job to keep up with all of the must-play titles coming out. C’mon, lottery ticket retirement plan!


Trailer Park: Far Cry: Blood Dragon – Who’s Ready to Return to a Neon-and-Blood Soaked ’80’s Vision of the Future?


Gird thy loins! Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon will be unleashed upon the world on May 1st (unless you are/know Russian hackers, in which case it’s already been released). Even better, you don’t need a copy of Far Cry 3 to check this madness out. So what’s stopping you? Oh right, time. Time and money. The twin roadblocks of all fun & excitement.

far cry 3 BD

Trailer Park: While You’re Waiting for Looper to Hit Theaters, Watch This (Sadly) Not Real Trailer for an 8-bit Looper Game

I think this game might be better than Sleeping Dogs…

Straight from the mind of Deepak Chetty; check out some of this other work!

(Link via Kotaku)

If you have somehow missed out on this trailer (wha?!) take a peek:

This, alongside Avengers, Cabin in the Woods, and Dark Knight Rises, are/were the films I was most looking forward to this summer. So far? I think Avengers has been the one I’ve enjoyed the most. I maaaaaaaaaay even put Cabin in the Woods ahead of DKR. I know, I know, blasphemy. Still, both Whedon films were somewhat unknown quantities that managed to surprise and delight. DKR was more of the same. Need to break up the monotony of filet mignon every now & again with some hot wings & gummi coke bottles, y’know?

Trailer Park: First Look at Black Ops II Multiplayer

As much as I’ve bitched & moaned about this game (and will continue to do so right up until release day) this looks super awesome. Dammit.  DAMMIT. Every year they pull me back in!  Am I really so bereft of willpower?

Notes from the trailer:

– What is that thing he’s throwing?

– I like that they’ve changed the kill notifications.

– Is one of the killstreaks a portable microwave emitter?

– Those flying Dragonfire things are going to be as annoying as the RC cars from Black Ops I.  Just you wait.

– You can get a MECH? That is awesome & wholly unfair.

– The throwing implement this go round is a sweet looking hand axe. I look forward to sticking this in your skulls, anonymous BOII players.

– Kamikaze swarms?