The Man With the Iron Wallet a.k.a. Off to New York Comic Con

Heading to New York Comic Con in a few minutes to RUN AMOK amongst all the glitz, glamour & grime of New York’s best con (that I get super cheap passes to). There will be updates throughout the day as I plan to bite the super expensive bullet & pay for Javits Center wi-fi (only $45/hour! What a steal. Literally.) What will I see? What will I touch? What will touch me?

For now,  I leave you with the poster for the RZA’s The Man With the Iron Fists.

Excelsior! (ed.note: Stan Lee just sent a C&D over that so what it buddy).

Trailer Park: The Man With The Iron Fists – Red Band Trailer #2

The RZA will:

1) Make you a weapon.

2) Coat his fists in metal

3) Uppercut your head off. Caution: Your eye may pop out of your head first.

Related: Even though Dave Bautista never pulled the trigger on an MMA career, he’s surfaced as a Chinese Dynasty-era Colossus with terrible tattoos. Score?