Trailer Park: NBC/DC’s Constantine

well Well WELL, look at what NBC is bringing to the table:

Compared with the first attempt at the Hellblazer property, 2005’s Constantine:

Yeah, I think I’ll take NBC’s go at it, thanks (though I always dug Peter Stormare’s Satan). I wonder if they’ll be sticking with the supernatural aspects at all times or divert into the trickster/conman themes of the character, seen in arcs like “Hard Time” or “Freezes Over”?

Throughout the 300 issue run of Hellblazer, Constantine would refer to himself as “just a dabbler” when it came to magic and more of a trickster who would bullshit his way through most situations. Also curious if they’ll cut out the ever-present cigarette? Regardless, this looks super cool and is one of the few shows from the upcoming season that I’m actually looking forward to. Alright, squire?



The Walking Dead Season 3 – New Trailer, New Photos

We here at Modern Borefare, like many of you,  love The Walking Dead & are super stoked that the new season is starting in a little under a month! To ratchet up the excitement even more,AMC has just released a new trailer for the series with nary a farm to be seen. Just crazypants zombie murder.

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Super Golden Friends

(ed. note: Intrepid contributor ViciousPjuraHead is spending the summer in Italy and will be filing dispatches of a gaming or comic related nature, when he gets around to it.)

I may be in Rome for the summer but I’m not going to let that stop me from spending an inordinate time on YouTube, tracking down delighful Golden Girls mashups.