You’ve got 6 weeks or so to check out some dope new art from DC area artists inspired by Star Wars and/or The Last Jedi but all the cool kids (and me) will be there this Friday. Be there or get dropped into a Sarlaac Pit.

Holiday Starkillers celebrates the cultural phenomena of George Lucas’ epic space opera. In painting, photography, and sculpture, six rebel scum artists explore Star Wars’ films, thematic parallels, early conceptualizations, and astounding mass merchandising. Featuring works by Andrew Wodzianski, Scott G. Brooks, Chris Bishop, Greg Ferrand, Jared Davis, and Steve Strawn.

Exhibition runs December 11 – January 9, 2016.

Serious as an Art Attack: Star Wars, Reimagined

Super dope artists making super dope art by reimagining some otherwise dope shit – just another day on the Internet. This time a whole crew of extraordinarily talented folks turn their eye to the Star Wars universe. Behold:

q0sf3xikfcebrnwwdelvJake Rowlands

iwqed7ov79vrt9hgack0Carlos Villa

clulwdomppjamq6nyfggAndrei Pervukhin

fhtc7etbqismofse4lk2Pirkka Harvala

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New York Comic Con Swag Target #1 – Pimp2-D2

Thanks to ThePwnRanger for the heads up (also io9 and Geekologie). Who knows if this even makes it to the floor for sale before Disney swoops down and just eradicates the Manly Art booth with C&D’s and smokin’ legalese. But since I’ve got a spare Ulysses S., come 4:30p on Friday I’m going to have to see a man about a robot pimp.

original (1)

Friday Night Flix: Vanishing on 7th Street

van1Good morning campers and welcome to FRIDAY.

If you have a job that doesn’t distinguish between weekend and weekday, this most joyous of days means much less to you. But for those of us who answer to the crack of the whip from nine to five every Monday through Friday, this is the last hurdle before the gold medal, the final push before the summit. It is quite nice.

For my tired old ass, Friday is movie night. Glorious, four-glasses-of-wine, on-the-couch-in-your-undies movie night. For the young and energetic (only one of which I have ever been accused of being) Friday night may be a night to par-tay. Perhaps even to do so in a hear-tay fashion. But if you’re like me  – you don’t have the time, cash or inclination to go to the theater, you have access to a streaming video service, and you have a strange growth on your left foot – you may be scrounging for something to watch. Friday Night Flix has you covered.

Every week I’ll give you a recommendation for an off-the-beaten path title available through either Netflix Watch Instantly, Hulu or Amazon. Any fool can scour these sites for major studio releases. I dig a little deeper to unearth something you might have missed. If what I pick doesn’t sound interesting, you’ll just have to drink until you give up and decide to watch all the good parts of Terminator 2 again. (Still an excellent evening in my book.)

van2Holy fuck that was  a lot of intro. I mean, just look at that. Sorry. This week’s selection is Vanishing on 7th Street (2010), available on Netflix and Amazon (free for Prime, $2.99 rental). It’s a supernatural thriller starring Darth Stupid (Hayden Christensen), the older and less hot version of Zoe Saldana a/k/a Thandie Newton, and John “Luigi Mario” Leguizamo. It’s nothing special in terms of effects, scares, or cinematography, but director Brad Anderson nevertheless creates a compelling world in which darkness itself comes to life to prey upon the whole human race. Unexplored questions and the feeling of an insurmountable house advantage prevent it from ever being truly terrifying. Yet the ripe premise, unadorned narrative, and solid ensemble more than redeem.

van3Leguizamo’s oversized personality often tends toward melodrama in the presence of more nuanced performers, but here he’s kept in check and used to wonderfully subtle effect. The biggest surprise is Hayden Christensen who, it turns out, has some legit chops. He certainly checks off every box in the leading man questionnaire.  The memory of his under-prepared turn as brooding young Anakin Skywalker must still be too fresh for non-genre casting directors to look his way. Those fools need to wise up because son can get it done.

Now do yourself a favor and wash the dishes before you sit down, okay?van poster

Zack Snyder is Definitely, Possibly Directing a Star Wars Movie. Maybe. For Sure.

seven-jedi-posterThe $4 Billion Disney buyout of Lucasfilms has left us all reeling. We don’t know what to expect without George at the tiller. Will there still be wooden characters with soap opera dialogue? Will wild innovations still give way to racist cliches? It’s a fucking free for all.

So what to make of reports that Mr. 300, Zack Snyder (who also apparently directed that Owls of Ga’Hoole movie, whatthefuck), will be directing a non-Skywalker Saga Star Wars movie? The scuttlebutt is the Dawn of the Dead helmer is set to direct a loose adaptation of Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai except, you know, with goddamn light sabers.


Look folks, the surface of what can be done with this intellectual property now that Doublechin Lucas is out of the picture has barely been scratched. I used to bullseye womp rats back home and they’re not much bigger than than that scratch. Snyder is currently sort-of denying this rumor but real or not, it’s a great idea. Make it happen, Mickey.

(Via Vulture)

(Image is copyright Shrapnel Studios)