Princess Leia and the Gold Bikini: A Simple… Yet Sophisticated Future Title

Big props to Timothy Anderson for these awesome creations!  He’s responsible for the excellent Star Wars as Spaghetti Western posters. What’s next? I want to see Star Wars as various Woody Allen sagas! C’mon dude, make it happen!

star-wars-pulp-fiction-1 star-wars-pulp-fiction-3 star-wars-pulp-fiction-2

Star Wars as Spaghetti Westerns

Artist Tim Anderson re-imagines the intial (read: good) Star Wars trilogy as a collection of spaghetti westerns and he’s got the posters to prove it.
Check out more of Tim’s killer artwork after the jump, including another re-imagining of Star Wars, a sweet Avengers poster and individual character sheets for The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.
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