Worlds Collide (Stylishly): Downton Abbey X Super Nintendo

A show I don’t watch on a system I still wish I owned! The perfect match.

You can grab the chiptune track here.

(via Buzzfeed)

ANOTHER DS Iteration – Really, Nintendo?

Nintendo Set to Launch 3DS XL in August

ANOTHER one ?!?!So we have a bigger screens:

3DS Upper Screen: 3.53 inches         Lower Screen: 3.01 inches

3DS XL Upper Screen: 4.88 inches   Lower Screen: 4.18 inches

No second thumbstick, instead you get a 4Gb memory stick.

Why buy anything at this point? You know something better is going to come out in 3 months anyway.

Sidenote: Not a Nintendo hater. My first two beloved consoles were the NES & SNES.  I had the original Game Boy. With a terrible Spider-Man game.  It just seems Nintendo is just in a rut and this isn’t exactly helping.

After a FOUR Year Wait, OTRSPoD Returns Next Monday!

I really, really enjoyed the first two episode’s of Penny Arcade‘s game and was beyond disappointed when I’d heard they had terminated their partnership with Hothead Games, effectively killing off the series right in the middle.  So we had two episodes inside of a year then NADA.  In fact I believe that Jerry Holkins has been serializing the script on the PA site for the past few..months? Years? I avoided them though, as maybe in my secret steam-powered heart I knew that this series had to be coming back in video game form.  And here we are! Though it’s gone from one extreme ( the LucasArts adventure game style of the previous two installments) to the other (16-big, Final Fantasy III/VI SNES stylings of your youth). A welcome change I can get behind, partially because I was totally enthralled with FF on my beloved Super Nintendo and also because the On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness  is actually continuing.

Fry & I are on the same page here: