Your Desktop, Enhanced with Vault Hunters

I’m a Zero man and gosh darnit, shouldn’t everyone who walks by my desk at work know that? Well, now they can, thanks to Cody Williams deviantArt page. I’m not saying that I’ll give him part of the substantial raise I’ll get when the president of the network walks by, becomes hypnotized by my background and immediately promotes me to CKO. But I’ll definitely tip my hat in his general direction.

(Cody Wiliams via Kotaku)

Trailer Park: Borderlands 2’s Handsome Jack Bets His Numbers Are Bigger Than Your Numbers

New Borderlands 2 gameplay? Check,

Introduction to the main villain from the game? Check,

Complete inability to pick a class for the upcoming game? Triple check.

If I was a cynic (Ed. note: You? Nooo.) I would say that Borderlands was a brightly colored, highly interactive Excel workbook masquerading as a game with ridiculous fetch-quests thrown on top.  But since I’m not, I won’t. Also, I happen to love highly interactive Excel workbooks masquerading as games.  Borderlands 2? Can’t. Wait. Please Gearbox, please: don’t disappoint me.