Panel Picks – Dead Presidents & Answered Prayers

I don’t always pick up Invincible, so I’m not exactly sure what’s happening here, except a costumed hero’s girlfriend just brained said hero’s mother. Nice rage face btw.

This is hands down the dumbest “trying to be cool” thing I’ve ever seen in an X-book, and I read Gambit. Nice mutant gang sign SCOTT.

This is from the Marvel NOW! Deadpool #1. Do you remember when Deadpool wasn’t a new-wave Wolverine who was in 6 books a month? Or when every panel was just a terrible joke or the setup for a terrible joke? You probably don’t, because it’s been going on seemingly forever. I’m hoping for good things from writers Posehn & Duggan and artist Tony Moore (original artist on both Invincible and The Walking Dead!); I count dead president puns as one of them.
Not a panel, rather a dark & menacing cover featuring Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler, who I’ve never really seen as either dark OR menacing. He does have some creative ideas about murder though, so give him points for that.
The Anti-Namor (or Anti-Aquaman, I guess), William Arcane! What a creepy little jerk, wielding Arthur’s Trident like he’s King Turd of Big Shit Mountain. Still, seven entire oceans full of dead & rotting things under your control might give you a skewed vision of one’s own import.
Kneel before Grodd…clever. Still, psychic monkey = bad news. Maybe this was a shot across the bow at the upcoming Superman reboot, where Michael Shannon has said that he will NOT be saying, “Kneel before Zod”. Why make the movie at all then?
The kind & just God of Thunder seemingly answers a simple prayer & of course gets sucked into a whole to-do with something called Gorr, the God Butcher. Which, ok, cool name. BUT. Trying to understand the role of divinity in the Marvel Universe makes my head hurt. Shouldn’t there be churches of Thor on Earth? I mean, yeah, Catholicism’s got some good rituals, but the Church of Thor has an ACTUAL GOD who might fly in the window one Sunday, drink all the wine, bang the choir, then go smash Galactus in his giant purple face.

Uh-oh, coming from Reed Richards, is probably not a good sign. The color scheme here does a great job of highlighting Reed’s sense of…impending doom? Foreboding? Plus the perspective of showing the as large-as-he-wants to be Reed as small, almost shrunken serves to add further weight to the scene. Not sure I’m completely onboard with this new Fantastic Four run, but I’ll definitely give it four or so issues to see where it’s going. Plus, I’ve always been a fan of Marg Bagley’s pencils.
 Like I’d mentioned before, Shadowman didn’t really grab me the way that Harbinger or Archer & Armstrong did from their very first issues. I’d like to see where it’s headed; but in the meantime? Mr. Twist is gross, yo.

This Week’s Comics Haul – Taking a Break from BLOPS 2 To Get My Comic Fix

Black rain falling from the sky look strange:

– Not going to lie; Shadowman #1 was “meh” at best.  Hopefully this isn’t how the rest of Valiant’s second tier titles are going to go. Never fear though, there’s a new Archer & Armstrong this week to clear away the bad taste.

– Because I’m a sucker who is terrible with money, I am getting on board with at least the first one or two issues of the Marvel NOW! relaunch/rejigger/re-whatever that is happening in the wake of AvX. Iron Man last week wasn’t bad! Let’s see what Matt Fraction can do with Marvel’s First Family.

– New Locke & Key. That’s all that needs to be said. I want to treat this comic like I treat Homeland; it’s so good that I can’t bear waiting one second more after it’s over to start the next one.  Go to your local library and pick up the trades!

– “Death of the Family” continues in Batman & Robin and Batman this week.  Death in comics is a tricky thing; you know it’s not going to be forever, but at the same time it’s a great talking point & sales generator. But when you’ve been reading “Death of…” stories for 20 years, they kind of lose their gravity. But crazy Joker antics = take my money.

– After 72 issues, The Boyswraps up.  Not in the same ballpark (or even state the ballpark is located in) as Preacher,but still clever & interesting enough at times to warrant picking up here and there.

Saga is so weird/charming that I keep getting it because I need to know where it’s going. Also the robots with fancy military uniforms & televisions for heads. I like them. ‘Cause they have TVs. Where heads should be.

– Spider Glider! <— shouldn’t that rhyme?

– As for the rest, that’s just reflexive grabbing & impulse purchasing: Gambit, Thor, X-Men. Passable but most likely not life altering. But who knows? Maybe Marvel NOW! has got some tricky sleeves & Gambit is able to recapture the charm of the first issue.

What are you buying this week?


The Valiant Comics Train Keeps A-Rollin’

Funny story: I was in the Baltimore/Annapolis area last weekend and while there I drank way more than was healthy or even called for (hubcap sized margarita, for starters), ate a gross but delicious conglomeration of food called crab nachos, and found a stupendous comic book store in Annapolis called Capital ComicsIf you’re in the area, I urge you to visit.  Great staff, great selection, plus there’s a dog.

While at Capital I discovered that I was missing the Baltimore Comic-Con by a week; namely, it’s this weekend.  Right nowOh, hamburgers.  No worries, as someone else went and posted a transcript & preview art from the Valiant Comics panel! Now, it’s no secret that I’ve been completely on board with this new Valiant launch (mostly to see if they make any allusions to Deathmate) and I hope I’ve been able to drag a few along with me.  Either way check out the recap of the panel over at Comic Book Resources but stay here at Modern Borefare for soothing words & HARD HITTING VALIANT ACTION.