Deadpool Might Actually Be Good: An Xmas Miracle?

Gimmicky as all hell. Most likely pandering to the hardest of the hardcore basement dwellers. You know what? Good for you, Marvel Fox & Ryan Reynolds for going for it. This is like 50% going to be a giant turd but if you can make me laugh at the tail end of a :60 spot that’s a pre-promotion for 11 more days of further pre-promotion…I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.

After the jump, the (or, more likely, one of) posters of the movie.

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Trailer Park Did You Know Edition: CBS’s 1997 Justice League of America Trailer & Pilot

Back in the long ago (1997, to be exact) some ballsy yet ultimately misguided studio execs at CBS got it in their heads to try and whip up a weekly series based on a comic book property (keep in mind this is waaaay before Heroes). And since all the good ones (and even not-so god ones) were probably locked up until the Singularity, they had to settle for this: The Justice League of America. The mid-to-late ’90’s super shitty version of the league. I’m surprised they didn’t shoehorn Guy Gardner in to ratchet up the awfulness. Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer below, starring everyone’s favorite, Fat Flash:

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