Paint it Black

Have you ever tried to paint anything? It might be the most impossible thing, ever. My stick figure drawings are embarrassing enough, let alone me trying to go all Bob Ross** on a canvas and actually trying to paint a thing. But then you have this guy, Ruan Jia and his wonderful paintings, which clearly show that he is some sort of wizard. Seriously, if I gave you all the supplies you needed and let’s say, a decade, could you re-create even ONE of these pieces? I couldn’t. I’d probably commit suicide by eating all of the paint about halfway through year three. More of Ruan’s mind-blowing art is available on his site.(original link via Kotaku)

**Funny story about Bob Ross: I actually attended a Bob Ross painting seminar back in the mid-’90’s. I thought the man himself would show up but it turns out he taught a roving crew of people to go forth and teach his style to wannabe painters and the kids who fell asleep watching him paint while home sick from school on Mondays. I’ve drug that painting between the last 10 different places I’ve lived. It might not be a masterpiece, but I will give it this: it’s durable.