With a Jolt, My Mind Awakens…Chapter Eighty-Seven: Pre-Holiday Birthday Shoutagrams are Delivered to…

Ol’ Jay’s headed to the Vineyard again for a week of oceanic expedition and caffeine injection (oceanic injection and caffeine expedition may, too, occur…), so pry open yer brain-containers and and scoop out a morsel of gratitude for these birthdays boys and girls:

Mil Mascaras, masked marvel and monster-masher of Mexican lore, the last of the “Big Three”, pictured above with the late Blue Demon and El Santo. Mascaras turns 72 today.

Jan-Michael Vincent (Stringfellow Hawke from “Airwolf”), pictured here with the late great Ernest (Dom Santini) Borgnine. Vincent turns 70 today…whoaaaa….a difference of only two years between him and Mascaras?!

Roky Erickson, founder of the 13th Floor Elevators, psychedelic rock trailblazer, Austin outsider, screamer of two-headed dogs, walking with zombies, and the Green Lion of my Voltronic Rock SUPERGROUP!!! 67 years strong, Roky!

Jesse “The Body” Ventura: pro wrestler, pro governor, provocateur…he’s the needle in the societal haystack that keeps sticking the gods in the rear to rattle complacency…63 years of instigating and infuriating…

Marky Ramone, the post-Tommy Ramone (RIP) drummer for the band…Hey! AOL! He’s not dead! He’s 58 years old! {AOL posted his image over the weekend when reporting on the death of Tommy — Angering On-Line: That’s AOL}

Willie Aames, who ran the pop culture tilt-a-whirl in the late 70s and 80s as Tommy Bradford (“Eight is Enough”), Hank (“Dungeons and Dragons”), and Buddy Lembeck (“Charles in Charge”) before donning the cowl and crucifix as Bibleman in 1990s…54 years old today.

Brigitte Nielsen, Red Sonja, villainess of “Rocky IV”, momentary corruptor of Stallone, would-be She-Hulk…51 years of stompin’ as of this date.

Adam Savage: buster of myths, illustrious skeptic, Deputy Marshal of Letsblowthingsupville…47 years and all digits intact.

And Now You Will Listen to…

“Bringin’ Home the Rain” – The Builders & the Butchers

“Long Fingernail” – Scott H. Biram

“Fall Guy” – Rollins Band

“Burn the Flames” – Roky Erickson

“Boogie Music” – Thundermother