Did NBC Steal The Idea For Revolution From A Bunch Of Indie Producers?

Interesting post about the new JJ Abrams series Revolution on Tumblr the other day. It points out two things: (1) that, months before Revolution was announced, low level NBC execs enthusiastically screened a pilot for Powerless, a proposed series created by indie production company Dinosaur Diorama, and (2) there are a number of astonishing similarities between the concepts for Powerless and Revolution. If that alone doesn’t raise your hackles just a little, you probably work for NBC.

To be fair, the concepts are both fairly broad, focusing mainly on a strong female lead and a small group of people surviving after a mysterious global blackout. And there are certainly some differences (Revolution has 10 letters, Powerless only has 9! LAWSUIT AVERTED). But the connections don’t end with the concept (the leading lady in Powerless, a former Dinosaur Diorama regular, is now a star on NBC’s Law & Order, for example). The full post is worth a read.

Even if something truly dastardly has gone down here, NBC would surely be careful enough to skirt any actionable signs of theft, likely replacing whatever cleverness the Powerless writers might have created with big boobs and infuriating, unresolved tangents a la Lost. You can judge for yourself if you care to search for the full pilots, which are both online. For now, here are the trailers. Can you guess which one has more shots of huge airplanes falling out of the sky?

ANOTHER DS Iteration – Really, Nintendo?

Nintendo Set to Launch 3DS XL in August

ANOTHER one ?!?!So we have a bigger screens:

3DS Upper Screen: 3.53 inches         Lower Screen: 3.01 inches

3DS XL Upper Screen: 4.88 inches   Lower Screen: 4.18 inches

No second thumbstick, instead you get a 4Gb memory stick.

Why buy anything at this point? You know something better is going to come out in 3 months anyway.

Sidenote: Not a Nintendo hater. My first two beloved consoles were the NES & SNES.  I had the original Game Boy. With a terrible Spider-Man game.  It just seems Nintendo is just in a rut and this isn’t exactly helping.