There are Epic Call of Duty Freakouts and Then There’s This Kid

Far be it for me to throw rocks whilst living in a glass apartment; I do rage a bit when playing Call of Duty (one of the reasons I don’t have a headset). In fact, my rage-super-rage-lraging may inadvertently caused my upstairs neighbors, who’d been living in their apartment for 8 years, to flee roughly six months after I moved in.  Coincidence? Maybe. Or was it the lunatic below them screaming epithets at a video game at 11:45pm? In my defense, Seth from Street Fighter IV was an incredibly cheap bastard. If they are looking for someone to blame for my freakouts, look no further than Capcom.

Anyway, YouTuber MinnesotaBurns has raised CoD rage baiting to an art form; see one of his finest examples below.


Remember kids: