How Awesome is This? 8-Bit Big Trouble in Little China


Immediately 8 Years Old Again: Duck Tales Remastered

Call it the PAX Surprise: Capcom announced today during their PAX panel their intention to release a remastered version of classic NES treasure (get it?) (ed. note: Could’ve gone with gem, as well) Duck Tales as an HD remake  Duck Tales Remastered. I cannot wait to use an elderly duck to hit treasure chests at burglary-obsessed dogs on the moon.  IN HIGH-DEF.



For God’s Sake, Don’t Blow It! But I MUST!!

Apparently we’ve all been lied to; blowing into your old Nintendo cartridges did not
, in fact, cause them to magically work again. Kotaku (via Mental Floss) wrecks our perception that our precious NES’ were malfunctioning due to malicious dust that was in turn causing Mario to turn into a hellish stew of pixels & squonking noises. In fact, it was Nintendo’s fault that our cartridges weren’t working. YOU BASTARDS.

Nintendo designed its NES connector using nickel pins bent into a position so that they’d give slightly when a cartridge was inserted, then spring back after it was removed. These pins became less springy after repeated use, which make it hard for them to firmly grasp the game cartridge’s connectors.

There was even a warning from Nintendo not to blow into your games, but who were we to listen to instructions? See:

Do not blow into your Game Paks or systems. The moisture in your breath can corrode and contaminate the pin connectors.

Did anyone else use the method where you pulled the game catridge ever so slightly out of the NES’ docking bay, then pushed it down so it mind kind of a “chunking” noise as it was slammed home? That was second tier tech support back in the day! What other methods did you use to get your games working again?

After the jump, (dirty) pics of a blown vs. non-blown cartridge. Continue reading

What You Could Buy Instead of this Original NES Legend of Zelda Prototype

That's...too muchAccording too Geekologie, this The Legend of Zelda prototype is currently on sale for $150,000. It’s on eBay right now, check it out

For those of us with that much scratch just burning a hole in your giant vault full of gold coins that you like swimming in,maybe you want to hold off a minute.  What else could you get for 150 large? Why, you could:

Buy a house

Pick up a car or two

Everyone loves watches!


144 unlimited monthly Metrocards for the NYC subway system (that’s 12 years son!)

– Not a fan or cars or trains? Buy some racehorses, arrive everywhere in Old World style.

– Pay my rent for the next 94 months.

Get hammered like a fancy gentleman!

Get hammered like a less fancy gentlemen, but to the power of 150,000!

Choices, choices.

Bob’s Burgers & San Diego Comic Con Crossover for Safety!


If you’re lucky enough to get to go to San Diego Comic Con this year, don’t squander the opportunity by choking to death! Slow down and chew your food, people.  But if you happen to encounter some poor sap who’s taken on a bluish hue and seems to be thrashing about the floor in some sort of death spiral, follow these handy tips, thoughtfully provided by the fine folks from Bob’s Burgers.


Tangentially related:

Sling 'em!

ANOTHER DS Iteration – Really, Nintendo?

Nintendo Set to Launch 3DS XL in August

ANOTHER one ?!?!So we have a bigger screens:

3DS Upper Screen: 3.53 inches         Lower Screen: 3.01 inches

3DS XL Upper Screen: 4.88 inches   Lower Screen: 4.18 inches

No second thumbstick, instead you get a 4Gb memory stick.

Why buy anything at this point? You know something better is going to come out in 3 months anyway.

Sidenote: Not a Nintendo hater. My first two beloved consoles were the NES & SNES.  I had the original Game Boy. With a terrible Spider-Man game.  It just seems Nintendo is just in a rut and this isn’t exactly helping.

Weekend Links Here!

In between BBQ appointments, I’ve strained the weekend internet and these were the tastiest bits that I caught in my…strainer? Internet grabber? My analogy fell apart, unlike:

2-d's the way to be

-> 8 Foot The Legend of Zelda wall tapestry/mural – For your home AND your office.

-> Initial thoughts from Kotaku’s Owen Good on Borderlands 2.  Now that Bioshock Infinite has been pushed back to 2013 sometime (which might as well be the distant future) this could top the list of games I’m most excited for this year.

-> The Chive rounds up some stupendous examples of video game logic (Be aware: random sexiness here.)

Safe house of all safe houses