Modern Borecast Vol.5 – Baby Storm Inbound


*Ahem* Modern Borecast vol.5 – Baby Storm Inbound is upon you. This time, Impervious Rex & Testicles run you through what they are reading (The Godfather, Rook) and what they are playing (Heartstone, ZAMN). We talk Spider-Woman’s butt and The Rock’s Black Adam. Impervious Rex gets the clock called on him numerous time but busts through into blather regardless! Testicles is over his Ancient Fear! All this and another listener email in vol. 5 of the Borecast. SHAZAM!!

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The Modern Borecast vol. 4 – Sippin’ on Wine…and Mackin’

Making a podcast on a shoestring nonexistent budget is certainly an interesting challenge.

THIS WEEK! The Modern Borecast covers the following:

-What exactly are we playing/watching/reading? This is also the time when Adam is unimaginably cruel to me. I JUST WANTED TO TALK ABOUT THE NUMBER OF EPISODES MOST TELEVISION SHOWS HAVE IN A GIVE SEAZZZZzzzzzzz…

– Hey, remember that video game time machine adam talked about? Yeah.

– Movies! Some are good, some aren’t. This volume, STAR WARS is right in the crosshairs of our blasters.

– Sexy sexy comic books.

– Television is stupid, according to the both of us.

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Keep in mind folks, we are this kitten and you not listening to the Borecast is that flaming hole.


Modern Borecast vol.3 – We Back. We Back.

Damn, 13 months in between the first two volumes and barely two weeks between vols. 2 & 3!  Now if we could just get our hands on some decent recording gear…

No matter, in this volume, we cover:

– The inevitability of the yearly Call of Duty entry.

– E.T., alive (?) and well in the Arizona desert!

– The Xbox One gets another cool game, much to Joe’s chagrin.

– Star Wars episode 7 , including casting and title news (and the revelation one of us didn’t know who Max von Syndow was).

– Recently re-discovered audio companion tracks for a whole slew of Bond films.

– Comixology & Amazon team up to ruin digital comics (which may or may not have caused one of us to pout like a 5 year old).

– What to read, including the return of a legend, an old-favorite and an extra-berserk Canadian mutant.

– Thor vs. Storm.

– What are we looking forward to in the 2014/2105 television season?

– Adam vs. Joe: Who’s right when it comes to The Returned?

Remember, leave any comments,concerns et.als. either in the comments below or shoot us an email at Whatever you send us (within reason), we’ll read during the next Borecast!

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Modern Borecast Vol.2: Podcast Womp Womp

Here it is, our second edition of the Modern Borecast! It only took a shade under 13 months to get up the gumption, the moxy, the chutzpah to put together a new episode. So hit play and let us know what you think. Downloads enabled right on this very player! Look for the download icon in the upper right hand corner of the embedded player and start getting crazy with the Cheez Whiz. Heck, you can even download it here for on the go aural pleasure. Once you click the link, you’ll arrive on a page & see the podcast title, underneath that you’ll see the track, below that will be the comment box and below THAT you’ll see a download button. Click that, you rascal!

Leave comments, criticisms, corrections or hate mail in the comments below. Feel free to send them to modern [dot] borecast [at] gmail [dot] com as well. TAKE THAT, SPAM ROBOTS!!!

Experience the magic!

the blackest magic

the blackest magic


Modern Borecast Vol.1: A WILD PODCAST APPEARS!

Welcome to the first ever Modern Borefare podcast/vodcast a.k.a The Modern Borecast! Myself, Adam, viciouspjurahead & Shallow Ma Gu got together recently (via Google Hangouts) to discuss Room 237, the soon-to-be-released documentary about Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. We also dip into such diverse topics as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles villains, Frank Miller’s Daredevil run, Magic: The Gathering,  Wizards of the Coast’s tampering with the rules of D&D, which star of AMC’s The Walking Dead is the greasiest IRL, what effect massive weight gain would have on Superman’s powers and how Time Warner Cable is the devil.

A preemptive thanks for watching/listening; leave a comment below. We’d all appreciate it! Unless it’s to comment on my spastic head movements or my “uhhh” verbal crutch. I don’t think I’d appreciate those kinds of comments as much. I also don’t think a football is a very good Christmas present.

Trailer for Room 237: