Newfound Purchase Justification Source: “But it’s for our daughter”!

First item to fall into this new found/possibly bottomless justification bucket:


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Now Breaking Bad Never Has To End

Lego Citizen Brick brings you this Breaking Bad Superlab Playset to make sure the cooking fun never stops! All for a cool $250. (ed.note: Apparently these were limited to 400 sets and of course they are sold out. Bummer. But there’s always eBay.) Totally worth it; remember: no half-measures. We still miss you, Mi…er, “World’s best Grandpa”!


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Marvel + Lego: Genius? Gimmick? Genius Gimmick?

Hark! Gather ’round and listen: ‘lo, LEGO (there’s no “s”, Jack) and MARVEL have teamed up to sell you variant covers of your favorite comics! Lucky you. Check out the first three below and start planning how many copies you’re going to buy. A good rule of thumb: 1 to polybag/board, 1 to read and 1 leave in the john.
hawk guy lego indestructivle lego logan_lego
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Weekend Links: Keeping You Cool Despite the Brutal Heat

The heat; it is inescapable, really.  At least here in the heart of NYC, where to go outside is to take your life in to your very hands.  The furious Sun has come back with a vengeance and your pale skin is the sacrifice it desires.  ALL WILL BURN BEFORE ITS NUCLEAR-FUELED MIGHT. So stay inside, won’t you, and check out these  tasty links:

Cthulu Lego sets for all! Did you know it’s actually Lego, not Legos? Look at that, already smarter.

What if Pixar made a Justice League  movie? Well, I think the immediate answer is that it would be watchable, unlike all of their non-Batman flicks. But don’t get too hot & sweaty over it, as Pixar & Marvel are both owned by Disney.  Maybe there’s a cheap Dreamworks knockoff in the works?

You like Minecraft? You like Game of Thrones? Then you’re in luck: some intrepid/insane gamers have been busy re-creating all of Westeros in Notch’s super-addictive Simulator? Way of life? Whatever it is, make sure to click the link above and check out all the construction going on.  It’s mind bottling.

Have you been watching Video Game High School?  What do you think so far?  I kind of enjoyed the first episode but haven’t gotten around to the rest.  But never fear! (ed note: Who, exactly?)  I’ve gots you  (ed. note: Kotaku’s “gots” you) covered with the first nine episodes ready to watch. Watch them and let us know what you think!

Speaking of watching and video games, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show is now on Netflix.  Maybe it’s not amazing, but it certainly beats going outside.

Here’s a recipe for S’mores Pancakes;this has nothing to do with either video games or comic books but damn, they look awesome. LOOK AT THEM.

Star Wars + M.C. Escher + LEGO

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“This particular model took just over six months to get from brain to bricks,” Vermeesh said. “Normally, a model of this size wouldn’t take quite that long to construct, but in this case, a significant amount of planning was required before I could jump into the build process.” He estimates that he used somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 bricks.