Wow…Kotaku Doesn’t Care for Skyrim: Dawnguard

Even going so far as to giving it a fat ol’

However, I will still buy it. You don’t tell me what to do, Kotaku.  Read the full review here.


Recession, Cheats, Nut Logs: A Quick Roundup

Recession hits everyone, Sci-Fi characters & superheroes alike. More in the Recession Army album.

need that java

– Incredibly interesting article over at Kotaku on gamers who pay for cheats & hacks.  Luckily for me (and unlucky for those on other platforms) but it seems the PS3 is the least effected by hacking, at least as far at major gaming platforms go.  It must be just about unpossible to play any sort of FPS on the PC.

– The Gamelogical Society has a cool blurb about my favorite LucasArts games and quite possibly one of my favorite games ever: Sam & Max Hit the Road.  I vividly remember lusting after the game, going to the Electronics Boutique in my mall and just staring at the box, imagining just how awesome & amazing that game must be.  I don’t know what I did or how I did it, but somehow I’d accumulated enough money to actually go pick it up (no one in my family thought that playing video games was a good use of my time, so anything gaming related I had to acquire myself. ) Sadly, I can’t find a picture of the bundle  but it came with four other games that I never even bothered playing.  Sam & Max was all I cared about and the rest could go screw.  That game was where i first learned what a lagomorph was as well as what a Stuckey’s Nut Roll was, though it was probably a good fifteen years later until I had the (dis)pleasure of eating one. I’ve only played demos of the current crop of Sam & Max games and I haven’t been thrilled, but if you’ve never played the original you are really missing out.  The Penny Arcade games were very much in a similar vein (those are also very excellent games worth playing!)

Weekend Links Here!

In between BBQ appointments, I’ve strained the weekend internet and these were the tastiest bits that I caught in my…strainer? Internet grabber? My analogy fell apart, unlike:

2-d's the way to be

-> 8 Foot The Legend of Zelda wall tapestry/mural – For your home AND your office.

-> Initial thoughts from Kotaku’s Owen Good on Borderlands 2.  Now that Bioshock Infinite has been pushed back to 2013 sometime (which might as well be the distant future) this could top the list of games I’m most excited for this year.

-> The Chive rounds up some stupendous examples of video game logic (Be aware: random sexiness here.)

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