For God’s Sake, Don’t Blow It! But I MUST!!

Apparently we’ve all been lied to; blowing into your old Nintendo cartridges did not
, in fact, cause them to magically work again. Kotaku (via Mental Floss) wrecks our perception that our precious NES’ were malfunctioning due to malicious dust that was in turn causing Mario to turn into a hellish stew of pixels & squonking noises. In fact, it was Nintendo’s fault that our cartridges weren’t working. YOU BASTARDS.

Nintendo designed its NES connector using nickel pins bent into a position so that they’d give slightly when a cartridge was inserted, then spring back after it was removed. These pins became less springy after repeated use, which make it hard for them to firmly grasp the game cartridge’s connectors.

There was even a warning from Nintendo not to blow into your games, but who were we to listen to instructions? See:

Do not blow into your Game Paks or systems. The moisture in your breath can corrode and contaminate the pin connectors.

Did anyone else use the method where you pulled the game catridge ever so slightly out of the NES’ docking bay, then pushed it down so it mind kind of a “chunking” noise as it was slammed home? That was second tier tech support back in the day! What other methods did you use to get your games working again?

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Trailer Park – Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

Look at what PAX has wrought: 11 minutes of game play from the new upcoming installment to the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

Additionally, Kotaku reports that MGS:GZ is the prologue to Metal Gear Solid 5! Great news, let’s celebrate!

Did You Realize?!

Really doe

That there was a Metal Gear 25th Anniversary party in Tokyo last night?? I certainly didn’t. Luckily I have the Internet, which told me first thing this morning! Kotaku has very handily scooped up all the bits from last night’s event and have them all in one super sneaky mega post. No desire to read a super sneaky mega post? No sweat, they broke it out too:

New Metal Gear Solid game (kind of)

Metal Gear Solid movie

Metal Gear social game (please please please Farmville with stealth kills)

Metal Gear swag to buy  I want that watch! Which watch? This watch:

Art for (Video Game) Art’s Sake

Can you believe that these are all the work of one uber-talented genius? BECAUSE THEY ARE. He goes by the name of Genzoman and if this little taste of his work intrigues you, definitely go check his site out. I am completely blown away by this; I can barely draw a circle that doesn’t end up looking like an octagon. The only things I’ve nailed, drawing wise, is a wingless chicken and a tornado (which you can turn upside down and make into a Christmas tree). Art’s not a crime, though my attempts at it clearly are.

(Via Kotaku)

IF ONLY — Shaun of the Dead Side-Scroller Beat-‘Em-Up

From artist Aled Lewis to be shown at an art show called Crazy 4 Cult in NYC, starting Thursday. For those interested, it’s on 64 Gansevoort St down in Meatpacking. Maybe a reason to go down there for the first time in years? Ever since the Village Idiot closed, it’s not been the same.

(link via Kotaku)

Grand Theft Auto 5 – Two New Screenshots

Could you image if Rockstar was able to ship two of their flagship titles this year?

GTA V will take precedent over just about every other release this year, with possibly the exception of Borderlands 2. It will DEFINITELY take precedent over my job. And most likely the gym. And sleep.


(via Kotaku)