Supremely Excellent Bryan Lee O’Malley & Kevin Tong ‘Battle Royale’ Poster for Mondo

battleroyaleregularspan I am, of course, angling to get my grubby mitts on my own personal copy of this poster. But as it turns out, this time you can’t just buy the poster from Mondo (never the easiest task in the first place); no, this is a promo item created in tandem with Tugg (who?) to get the word out for self-hosted showings of the Japanese cult classice, Battle Royale.

Modern Borefare’s already thrown its reversible-Cthulu hat/mask into the ring to host a screening; more information if we actually manage to pull this off. Just in case, clear your schedule for the 2nd and 3rd Saturday’s of April. You’ve been put on notice; I WANTS THAT POSTER.

via CA

The Raddest Posters You CAN Buy

Going back to Cali....before it was CaliEgad not the air!Check out these two super rad posters from Kevin Tong a.k.a Tragic Sunshine. Both are 18 X 24 and while The Time Machine will run you $30, The War of the Worlds is a big of a spicier meatball at $40. Gets ’em now whiles you still can!

P.S. Ok, so it turns out that these are from a extremely small print run and only the leftovers from SDCC will be available for sale.  Even if you can’t get your hands on these, check out his store as there are a TON of other really sweet stuff for sale.