Duck and COVERS

X-Men Legacy and the (now sadly cancelled) Journey into Mystery have just been knocking it out of the park these past few months with excellent cover work and even though it’s a TERRIBLE book, The Fearless Defenders fighting game homage is brilliant and well executed. Fury Max also exits the shelves with a fantastic final cover, using Fury’s craggy face & furrowed brow as a roadmap of the wars he’s seen and experienced.  Simple and poignant. 
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This Week’s Comics Haul – Is Time No Longer a Thing?

Didn’t I JUST buy the previous issue of most of these titles? What is going on? Does my understanding of how time works no longer apply? Bah! Questions for later; comics to read.

You know, I picked up Journey into Mystery 646 (start of the non-Kid Loki JiM) featuring Sif and it wasn’t bad! It’s not my new favorite or anything, but I’m intrigued enough to see where it goes. Panel picks will be up later in the day to showcase some of the other books I read last week. In other news, Uncanny Avengers handily wins Cover of the Week this week with the crazy good Red Skull cover by John Cassaday. Glad to see that Before Watchmen returns after it’s weirdly long hiatus, with Ozymandias, which is probably the best book of the lot.

Panel Picks: On Target

Whatever happens in the epilogue to Everything Burns, I’m glad to see that the humor & style from Journey into Mystery is transferring over to Young Avengers. (From Marvel Now Point One #1)All Hawkeye wants is tape to label his arrows with. So how do he & Lil’ Clint end up dodging bullets? (From Hawkeye #3)

Super smell probably comes in handy in many places & many situations; stakeouts in New Jersey are probably not one of them. Besides, does the clothespin trick really work? COME ON MARVEL COMICS LETS GET REAL.(from Daredevil #19)

I need a set of Kid Loki playing cards (from The Mighty Thor #21).

Best Pages: Last Week’s Comic

Not the best art, or the best plot points, or even the most clever. These were just the pages that really jumped out at me from last week’s haul.
This page sums up perfectly why Journey into Mystery is such a fun book. It’s far more clever than 80% of the other books out there. Thori gets my vote for best new character.

Danny Rand: Helping Quantify Kung-Fu Power Whenever Necessary.

Look at Bobby, speaking truth to power and (quite possibly) voicing some of the concerns of fanboys everywhere.

dude. Black Bolt. How imposing does that look? I’ve never really given the guy/Inhuman much thought but wow.  Guy is a major league ass kicker and on the weekends is a secret dudebro.

This Week’s Comics Haul:

Strong showing this week! Good to see the semi-annual appearance of Powers; I have no idea what’s happening in that book but I’ve been buying it for so long and it’s so rare that it actually comes out I feel I owe it to…me? Bendis? Marvel? My priorities are messed up. Otherwise, the Before Watchmen experiment continues while Grim Leaper concludes, Aquaman (hopefully) wraps up the Black Manta arc before heading into DC’s incredibly stupid #0 issue gimmick.  Although certain web-comic creators would vehemently disagree, Gambit is actually pretty decent. Well, decent enough to warrant a purchase of a second issue.  What did YOU buy this week?
American VampireAquaman 12Before Watchmen: Minutemen 03Grim Leaper 04Gambit 02JIMPowers 11Wolverine & Friends XO Manowar