Panel Picks – Back At It

Sometimes I really hate comics:



But most of the time I love them:

Panel Picks – Why Aren’t You Reading Moon Knight?

You’re not reading Moon Knight? FOR SHAME. Correct yoru grievous mistake this week when you go to pick up your new comics. In the meantime, check out the panels that caught my eye this past month:

photo 4

The Raid: Marvel Style? Moon Knight #5

photo 5

Spectacular Cover from Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #4

photo 1

Wait, Dr. Strange is cool and interesting? Say it ain’t so! New Avengers Annual #1 P.S Check out the framing of the art inside the closing Eye of Agamemmnon.

photo 2

POYO! v. The Quacken (with special guest family members) Chew #42

photo 3

Backtrace? BACKTRACE? Are you f’n kidding me? This has to be a joke. Batman Eternal #12

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Review: Avengers vs X-Men #10 – Secret Power Source

Look, I agree I might be a bit obsessed with Cyclops’ Phoenix-Force mandated thong, but clearly so is Marvel. Why else would it be so prominent on this cover?

In this issue, Cyclops shows up to K’un Lun ready to wreck shit (preferred) in his quest to bring Hope back home (less preferred). Everyone gives it their Avengers-brand® all, but of course it’s not enough. Look, you would think that in 50 years of defending the Earth from threats ranging from small time crooks to reality-devouring villains, the Avengers would know that individuals who tend to both glow and float are generally a large problem.
Yet you’ve still got Hawkeye out there, ready to bounce a few arrows harmlessly off of Cyclops’ face.

That, of course, goes about as well as could be expected, with Cyke just DOMINATING everyone then afterword throwing some shade the Avengers way. Man, Phoenix Force Five Two Cyclops is kind of a dick.

Cyclops to Avengers: “LOL WUT”

You know that bottom panel is just begging for a Kirby-esque “KRAKKA-DOOM!!!” Plus, awesome call back to on of my favorite bits from Fraction & Aja’s Immortal Iron Fist, where they used to put all of the moves employed by Danny & his fellow Immortal Weapons into little captions. Dance of 1000 Monkeys! Shattering Palm Strike! Brooklyn Headbutt! I also really enjoyed seeing Cyclops out of his element for the first time in this series and just dumped on his ass after hovering about, lording it over everyone.

Anyone wanna bet that next issue features Cyclops heading back to Earth after recovering from the ass-kicking Hope gave him, dispatching Emma via first round rear naked choke,absorbing all of the Phoenix Force and then just going bonkers?

Here’s the music video that really inspired Cyclops when it came time to put together his new costume:

I really can’t wait for this event to be over.  Then again, that means Marvel NOW! will be kicking off and I’m not exactly sure how thrilled I am for that.  Hmm.  QUITE THE FIENDISH LITTLE CONUNDRUM, MARVEL. Quite…the conundrum.