Lonely Days Are Gone, I’m A-Goin’ Home My Baby, Just-A Wrote Me A Letter

I don’t think they’d even get past the salutation before it devolved into a melee…a donnybrook…a brawl…a slobberknocker…they’d fight, you know?


via Kotaku and Andy Timm

Stripped Down Icons

Kerrith Johnson has turned heroes and the ideals that they embody into minimalist motivational posters that are really quite clever. Check out more of Kerrith Johnson’s art on his deviantART page. (all via Comics Alliance)

Batman: The Rockabilly Knight

Dennis Medri’s spectacularly inventive re-design of Batman and his supporting cast as set in the 1950’s rockabilly scene.  Check out his incredible deviantart site and then check below the jump for a Spider-Man steampunk redesign.

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