Go With What You Know – Grand Theft Auto V Box Art

Give Rockstar credit(?); they certainly aren’t leaving their comfort zone when it comes to box art. But maybe they don’t have to; isn’t this cover style iconic at this point? Come for the Grand Theft Auto V cover unveil, stay for the past GTA box cover installments.
gtav_box gta4gta_SA GTA_Vice_City_Box_Art  Grand_Theft_Auto_3_Cover

Update 4/2/13 8:45pm: Looks like I unintentionally ripped of Kotaku with this. Great minds etc etc.

The Excellent Art of Patrick Brown

I’m completely blown away by Patrick Brown’s art. He applies a high level comic book art style (think Joe Madureira / Humbero Ramos) to iconic video games and the results…well, see for yourself. Below is his homage to the GTA series, Grand Theft Auto Legends .

Who can name all of the games featured & their main protagonists?