Score One For the Good Guys: Borderlands 2 Arrives!

The end result of my tussle with the Honey Badger of Video Game Retailers? VICTORY BY 1ST ROUND GOGOPLATA!!

Also? I SUCK at Photoshop. Anyone out there want to give me some pointers?

P.S. If you ever do encounter an actual honey badger, rubber guard & submission grappling is probably not your best defense. I think it would turn your crotch into chili in approx. 4 seconds.

Movie Posters For the Zelda/Ico/Shadow of the Colossus/Super Metroid Fanatics

The only Zelda movie I want to see is A Link to the Past! Get this other wackness out of here! (Ed. note: Impervious Rex hasn’t played any Zelda games after A Link to the Past. Castigate him properly in the comments)

Posters created by Marinko Milosevski, original link via Kotaku.

Yoji Shinkawa’s Metal Gear Solid Art

The soul of the series.

New Grand Theft Auto V Shots

Straight from Rockstar’s website, under the heading “Transport” I can’t image these are real, in-game shots; at least not from a copy of the game running an any current gen-consoles. But with the promise of new info later this week (possibly a release date? A grand unveiling at New York Comic Con?), it will definitely be worth keeping an eye on Rockstar’s site.

Goodbye Weekends!! ** UPDATE – ModernBorefare Game Club!**

As if I needed another reason to stay indoors.20120816-095510.jpg

Update 08.16.12,  01:18pm: It is with some excitement and some trepidation that I’m announcing the first ever Modern Borefare Game Club! The idea is that, much like a book club, a group of us (myself a.k.a the Mighty Mighty Impervious Rex, One Neck/Two Chains Vicious PjuraHead and you, Extra Handsome/Super Pretty Reader) will play the same game then start a running dialogue on it, most likely through further posts and comment section discussion.  In the meantime, to get you jazzed about our digital foray into the seamy underbelly of Hong Kong:

Paint it Black

Have you ever tried to paint anything? It might be the most impossible thing, ever. My stick figure drawings are embarrassing enough, let alone me trying to go all Bob Ross** on a canvas and actually trying to paint a thing. But then you have this guy, Ruan Jia and his wonderful paintings, which clearly show that he is some sort of wizard. Seriously, if I gave you all the supplies you needed and let’s say, a decade, could you re-create even ONE of these pieces? I couldn’t. I’d probably commit suicide by eating all of the paint about halfway through year three. More of Ruan’s mind-blowing art is available on his site.(original link via Kotaku)

**Funny story about Bob Ross: I actually attended a Bob Ross painting seminar back in the mid-’90’s. I thought the man himself would show up but it turns out he taught a roving crew of people to go forth and teach his style to wannabe painters and the kids who fell asleep watching him paint while home sick from school on Mondays. I’ve drug that painting between the last 10 different places I’ve lived. It might not be a masterpiece, but I will give it this: it’s durable.

I Bet He’d Do a NUMBER on Some Ewoks

Most people got on board with the first Assassin’s Creed due to either the premise (secret assassins!), the gameplay (who doesn’t love parkour free-running!), the setting (Middle Ages! Templars!) or the super cool design of the main character, Altair. Sadly, the gameplay was lacking and the game sucked hard (mostly sorted with ACII). The majority of the fans of the series though really have no fault with the design. That didn’t matter to  deviantartist and all-around badass davislim, who decided to mash together Assassin’s Creed AND Star Wars.  The results are, well…I’d play that game. (link via Kotaku)Assassin WarsStar Creed