Only Sleeping? I Hope It Never Wakes Up

Image“This one is behind us now. We are taking Medal of Honor out of the rotation, and have a plan to bring year-over-year continuity to our shooter offerings.”

“We struggled with two challenges: the slowdown that impacted the entire sector and poor critical and commercial reception for Medal of Honor Warfighter. Medal of Honor was an obvious miss. The game was solid, but the focus on combat authenticity did not resonate with consumers. Critics were polarized and gave the game scores which were, frankly, lower than it deserved.”

This is the message the EA has left for its fans regarding its Medal of Honor (MOH) series.  Competing with the likes of the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises, it seems like EA has decided to pull the plug on a game that, to say it bluntly, just wasn’t that fun.  I can only say this based on the MOH version that I played from 2010, but based on other reviews and common sense, I had a feeling the second one was going to be substandard.  It brought nothing new to the FPS franchise.  The game itself was buggy, the level design was poor, and it could be added to the list of FPS games that story is just so unflattering and uninteresting. moh2

EA should cut its losses and focus on sports and racing games. Its clearly not ready, or capable, of participating in the FPS wars. If I wanted to play a multiplayer game that was using the Frostbite Engine, I would just play Battlefield. Why would they use the same multiplayer in a different game? An article has just came out stating that the MOH franchise is not dead, just sleeping. WHY?   Just focus on Battlefield. Focus on Need for Speed.  Focus on the awesome sports games you pump out every year.  FIFA 13 was the highest selling sports game EVER.  And it can keep getting better, as long as EA cuts the Mr. Me Too crap with the FPS genre.

I will always be an EA fan, and when I rented MOH I was really hoping for a fun and engaging game. Sadly I got a boring shoot-by-numbers with aspects stole from other games that didn’t improve on the source.  Consoles will get better, Battlefield and COD will keep refining and improving and leaving old franchises in the dust. Medal of Honor shouldn’t just be put to sleep, it should properly be cryogenically frozen and not thawed out until Battlefield and Call of Duty crash & burn.

Fifa 13 Soundtrack Revealed

Talk about massive.  Never have I seen a sports game line up so many great artists and great songs for a soundtrack like I have today when EA Sports today revealed its soundtrack for Fifa 13.  Its a missive collection of 50 songs from artists both popular and obscure.  Heres the list along with some of my favorite below.

Animal Kingdom Get Away With It
Ashtar Command Mark IV feat. Joshua Radin
Astro Panda
Atlas Genius If So
Band Of Horses Feud
Bastille Weight Of Living, Part 2
Bloc Party We Are Not Good People
Cali Outta My Mind
Clement Marfo & The Frontline Us Against The World
Crystal Fighters Follow
deadmau5 feat. Gerard Way Professional Griefers
Django Django Hail Bop
Duologue Get Out While You Can
Elliphant  TeKKno Scene feat. Adam Kanyama
Featurecast Got That Fire (Oh La Ha) (feat. Pugs Atomz)
Fitz And The Tantrums Spark
Flo Rida feat. Lil Wayne Let It Roll, Part 2
Foreign Beggars & Bare Noise See The Light
Hadouken! Bliss Out
Imagine Dragons On Top Of The World
Jagwar Ma What Love
Kasabian Club Foot
Jonathan Boulet You’re A Animal
Kimbra Come Into My head
Kitten G#
Kraftklub Eure Madchen
Ladyhawke Black White & Blue
Madeon Finale
Matisyahu Searchin
Metric Speed The Collapse
Miike Snow Paddling Out
Passion Pit I’ll Be Alright
Reptar Sweet Sipping Soda
Reverend And The Makers Shine The Light
Rock Mafia Fly Or Die
The Royal Concept Goldrushed
Royal Teeth Wild
Santigold Big Mouth
St. Lucia September
Stepdad Jungles
The Chevin Champion
The Enemy Saturday
The Heavy Don’t Say Nothing
The Presets Ghosts
Two Door Cinema Club Sleep Alone
Walk The Moon Quesadilla
Wretch 32 Blur
Youngblood Hawke We Come Running
Young Empires Rain Of Gold
Zemaria Past 2

And Then There Was One……

August and September is a sports lover and video gamers dream. Where the NFL, NHL, and soccer fans from around the globe get to watch their favorite teams in HD and then step into the of those teams when they switch their television settings over to Input 2.

As the years go by my time to play video games is becoming more precious. Whereas I used to buy every Fifa, Madden & NHL title that EA released and play all them until all hours of the night, this year I’m thinking it would be smart if I only focus on buying and mastering one game.  And the lucky girl is (ed.note: Oh, the suspense!)FIFA ’13! Playing Madden ’13 helped make my decision very easy. Not that Madden 13 was bad, far from it.  The graphics were crisp, gameplay was smooth and the commentary by Jim Nance and Phil Simms was actually not zombiefied.  It’s just that…it was so boring.  I felt more and more like I was going through the motions of the game play instead of actually getting invested in wanting to win and improve my game.  I understand that this years Madden changed a lot of its focus to Connected Careers and online game play, but I just don’t think that’s enough to keep my interest, especially when the thing that I have become addicted to more than anything is the FIFAs Ultimate Team (FUT) game mode.

Yesterday at Gamescon, EA announced a plethora of new features in FUT including single player seasons, Team of the Week Challenges, and many more. Check out NowGamer for the full list.  The one thing I’ve always wanted in FUT is for player’s careers to expire after a certain number of games played.  I feel this would be beneficial to people that don’t spend money to get packs and it make games that are played between humans much more even.  Once someone gets Lionel Messi, that person is going to use him until the cows come home or he gets erased from The Matrix.  But limit the number of games he can play and using him becomes much more strategic.  Younger players, such as Messi and Ozil get 100 games or so while older players, such as Drogba and Di Natale, get 30 or so.  Playing with those older would make the games much more exciting you want to end their career on an absolute high note.  NHL Ultimate Team introduced this feature a few years ago and it always something that has stuck with me.

My time with the Madden and NHL franchise has been wonderful, (don’t even get me started on MLB The Show) but the time for me to focus on one sport that I can try to master and dominate has come.  Unpredictable is the key word, and if the USA’s victory in Mexico last was something to go on, it certainly was….unpredictable.

VPH Looks Ahead: FIFA 13

(ed. note: Intrepid contributor ViciousPjuraHead is spending the summer in Italy and will be filing dispatches of a gaming or comic related nature, when he gets around to it.

The fact that the keyword for the FIFA 13 is “unpredictable” has me salivating; for as long as I’ve played the Fifa franchise I’ve always thought that the gameplay was too calculated and too precise.  If I could’ve communicated one thing to EA over the past three years it would’ve been, “Why don’t you watch five soccer games on TV, and everything that happens in those five games, should (possibly) happen in the video game”.  EA’s slogan is “if it’s in the game, it’s in the game “ right?.  (I’ll let John Terry kneeing Alexis Sanchez in the leg slip on this one).  Attacking Intelligence, Complete Dribbling, First Touch Control, Tactical Free Kicks and an updated Player Impact Engine are all massive updates and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

The fact that International competitions are playing a big part in the game is just as important as the gameplay improvements.  I am much more of an International soccer fan than a club fan (maybe because I am history teacher and Nationalistic undertones among games always makes me excited). In Euro 2012 how awesome would It have been if Germany was placed in Group 1 instead of Greece?  Forget the Group of Death (Russia, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic), it’d be called the Group of Rancor, ’40’s edition.

The Skills Games are an important enhancement; now I’ll be able to effectively learn what skills to use and when, as opposed to randomly using a skill move and hoping (and usually failing) to get by my opponent.  I’m a bit worried though, as it’ll be helpful for casual gamers like myself but I have a feeling it may make the best even better.

I’ll give this year’s Career Mode an honest to goodness fair chance.  I was always hesitant in the past because a 38 game season was way too long in my opinion.  With the deeper career mode, a more realistic transfer market, and the opportunity to start as a rookie in a teams youth academy and work your way up to the top, this can only make you a better player in the long run both in offline and online modes.  I like the possibility of taking your country to World Cup Glory, either by playing for a country or being the coach. I’m taking  Zambia to the Cup, baby!

Nothing new has been mentioned about Ultimate Team as of yet, but I’m really hoping they keep up the good work and continue to make fun and accessible for all gamers.  My only gripe is that for the two years I have never gotten a player from a pack who was more than an 85 (Stekelenburg) who everybody had anyway.  I have spent easily 50-75 dollars the last two years and still cannot manage to get anyone of significance.  Don’t know if it’s luck but here is hoping my luck changes for FIFA 13.