Fallout 4 – What makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L. ?







Where were these when I had disposable income?!?! Skyrim & Fallout figures

Way to go Funko! Now go back in time 2 years so I could actually buy these. Still, that Daedric Warrior figure is sweet as fuuuuuuuuuuuuudge. (Ed. note: We family friendly now, fuckers.)

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Apparently there are also super sick/super expensive Fallout figures on the way as well from ThreeZero but they might as well be priced in unobtanium for all the not buying of them I will be doing. I’ll just have to push my greasy face up against the glass of my laptop and lust over them from my desk. Goodbye, sweet princes.

The Best Fallout Item You’ll Never Get to Play With

I like the idea of board games seemingly more than I actually enjoy playing them.  That would all change if I could get my mitts on this (sadly one-of-a-kind) Fallout board game. This is just a masterpiece.  How else would you describe this?  Look at the attention to detail. LOOK AT IT. Dude spent EIGHT MONTHS making this for his wife’s birthday (who is clearly the luckiest lady in the world. Well, next to Mrs. ImperviousRex, of course). I wish he’d put up a shot of the rules as well. After staringly longingly at these shots for the past three hours, I feel like I need to return to the Capitol Wastelands, post-haste. I’m going to level up my melee & unarmed skills and just punch everything TO DEATH.

fallout-boardgame-1 fallout-boardgame-10 fallout-boardgame-9 fallout-boardgame-8 fallout-boardgame-7 fallout-boardgame-6 fallout-boardgame-3 fallout-boardgame-5 fallout-boardgame-4 fallout-boardgame-2

For the Modern Day Vault Dweller

I thought I’d hit my limit on the number of blue shoes I needed to own, but it turns out I was WRONG, (’cause you know my rappin’ is the SHIT) as I must have a pair of Bethesda’s new Vault Dweller shoes. Combined with the Vault Dweller hoodie and working
Pip Boy, none shall doubt my love of the Fallout series or my inability to dress myself like an adult.


The Hoodie


The Shoes

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Things You Want: Video Games as Movie Posters

The Fallout and Skyrim are, in my opinion, the best of the lot. That being said, they’re all incredible and game studios should start cranking these out. These are so much more interesting and evocative over the general bullshot pastiches they throw together. Now I’m curious, who has the best game art?  Take a poll after the jump! take the poll

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