The Best Fallout Item You’ll Never Get to Play With

I like the idea of board games seemingly more than I actually enjoy playing them.  That would all change if I could get my mitts on this (sadly one-of-a-kind) Fallout board game. This is just a masterpiece.  How else would you describe this?  Look at the attention to detail. LOOK AT IT. Dude spent EIGHT MONTHS making this for his wife’s birthday (who is clearly the luckiest lady in the world. Well, next to Mrs. ImperviousRex, of course). I wish he’d put up a shot of the rules as well. After staringly longingly at these shots for the past three hours, I feel like I need to return to the Capitol Wastelands, post-haste. I’m going to level up my melee & unarmed skills and just punch everything TO DEATH.

fallout-boardgame-1 fallout-boardgame-10 fallout-boardgame-9 fallout-boardgame-8 fallout-boardgame-7 fallout-boardgame-6 fallout-boardgame-3 fallout-boardgame-5 fallout-boardgame-4 fallout-boardgame-2