Get Out The Binocular Eye: Every Cast Member of Futurama in One Image

Magical things happen on deviantArt and this one is courtesy of Unrellius.


CLEARLY this it too small to get the jist, so click once to embiggen, then click again to double re-embiggen.

Surprised there’s never been a Firefly/Futurama crossover.  C’mon all you slashfic’ers out there, make it happen!

Have a Small Child to Terrorize? This M.O.D.O.K Marionette Should Do the Trick



NatetheKnife at deviantArt via io9.

You Got Your Star Wars Characters in My ’80’s High School Movie!

Denis Medri returns with even more killer re-designs (see his previous attempts at Batman & his gang as ’50’s greasers and a steampunk Spider-Man!), this time re-imagining the cast of Star Wars as members of an ’80’s high school film.  Star Wars: Losin’ It? Return of Weird Science? Heathers Strike Back?

Art for (Video Game) Art’s Sake

Can you believe that these are all the work of one uber-talented genius? BECAUSE THEY ARE. He goes by the name of Genzoman and if this little taste of his work intrigues you, definitely go check his site out. I am completely blown away by this; I can barely draw a circle that doesn’t end up looking like an octagon. The only things I’ve nailed, drawing wise, is a wingless chicken and a tornado (which you can turn upside down and make into a Christmas tree). Art’s not a crime, though my attempts at it clearly are.

(Via Kotaku)

Stripped Down Icons

Kerrith Johnson has turned heroes and the ideals that they embody into minimalist motivational posters that are really quite clever. Check out more of Kerrith Johnson’s art on his deviantART page. (all via Comics Alliance)

Mendri’s Return: Steampunk Spider-Man!

Denis Mendri’s unique take on superheros and style has been featured here on modernborefare before and this time he’s going with a different genre and a different company.

“Spider-Man/Spider-Man/Does whatever his steam powered gadgets allow him to do/spins a web/about yay big/Watch out!/Here comes the Spider-Maaaaaaaaaaan.”

Who’s Up for some Medieval Avengers?

Another day, another set of stunning images from deviantart.  This time it’s the Avengers, reimagined in a medieval motif by artist ~theDURRRRIAN.


Batman: The Rockabilly Knight

Dennis Medri’s spectacularly inventive re-design of Batman and his supporting cast as set in the 1950’s rockabilly scene.  Check out his incredible deviantart site and then check below the jump for a Spider-Man steampunk redesign.

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The Excellent Art of Patrick Brown

I’m completely blown away by Patrick Brown’s art. He applies a high level comic book art style (think Joe Madureira / Humbero Ramos) to iconic video games and the results…well, see for yourself. Below is his homage to the GTA series, Grand Theft Auto Legends .

Who can name all of the games featured & their main protagonists?