SDCC ’14: Odds & Sods/Bits & Bobs

As the San Diego Comic Con wraps for another year, here’s a quick look at a few other pieces of news that caught our collective attention:

Cyclops-6-Cover-Lozano Cyclops-7-Cover-Lozano-600x920



  • Aaaand here’s why DC’s continuity will never not be a mess aka let’s look at Grant Morrison’s map of the DC Multiverse (will keep hunting for a clearer image)multiversity-mapLook for this monstrosity and its equally terrible event, The Multiversity to inflect your local comic book stores sometime in August. Bonus: Morrison’s original sketch:Multiversity-Map-Sketch
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2 set for 07/28/17; is this the first time a yet-to-be-released movie has been green lit/had a premiere date set for it?
  • We’ll leave you with may be the coolest sight from San Diego: an Infinity Gauntlet-brandishing Josh Brolin. Hell yeah.