Panel Picks – Oops I forgot again

Think this might be two, maybe even three weeks worth of panels. I’ve saved ’em all up for you to savor. So, get to savorin’.


Loki breaks down all of the upcoming Marvel events. Doctor Strange #385


…still interested in said robots.


Well this is absolutely horrible. Astonishing X-Men #8


That’s the face Spider-Man makes when he thinks he’s about to get some. ASM #796

So. Many. More. after the saltar

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Panel Picks: Hey hey I thought I published this last month




I still can’t wrap my head around comic book theology but at least this dude gets it. Mister MIrace #6


BatKnight taken down a peg (Batman #39)


…wait, what? (Deathstroke #27)


Heyyy, Adam Warlock! Alright. ( Guardians of the Galaxy #150)


Soak it all in. This series is weird as hell. (Dastardly & Muttley #5)


This screams “EXXTREME!” AND “’90’s”. Ugh.

Trailer Park: NBC/DC’s Constantine

well Well WELL, look at what NBC is bringing to the table:

Compared with the first attempt at the Hellblazer property, 2005’s Constantine:

Yeah, I think I’ll take NBC’s go at it, thanks (though I always dug Peter Stormare’s Satan). I wonder if they’ll be sticking with the supernatural aspects at all times or divert into the trickster/conman themes of the character, seen in arcs like “Hard Time” or “Freezes Over”?

Throughout the 300 issue run of Hellblazer, Constantine would refer to himself as “just a dabbler” when it came to magic and more of a trickster who would bullshit his way through most situations. Also curious if they’ll cut out the ever-present cigarette? Regardless, this looks super cool and is one of the few shows from the upcoming season that I’m actually looking forward to. Alright, squire?



THEY’RE BAAAAAAAAACK: Panel Picks Returns, Is Now Giant-Sized

photo 2-1

What If: Age of Ultron #2

Nice homage to a comic I DESPERATELY wanted when I was younger.

photo 1-1

All Mew X-Men #25

Who’s mashed up with whom?

photo 3-1

All New X-Men #25

Guess this is an homage to THIS particular X-Men cover.

photo 2-2

All New Ghost Rider #2

Remember when Mr. Hyde wasn’t abslutely terrifying?

Deadpool #27

Deadpool #27

Gimmicks aside, still cool to see who you can pick out in the crowd. Apparently it’s the comic book cover featuring the most characters…ever.

Wolverine & The X-Men

Wolverine & The X-Men

Hope my child isn’t Apocalypse.
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