Iron Man 3: More Horse Testicles Means More Iron


I think FilmDrunk called this the “Angry Upside Down Jesus”. I’ll definitely go see this, but I’m not super excited about it. The trailer was too much Transformers-esque blur and squealing metal and jump-cuts.

Trailer Park: Working NES Zapper Death Ray & Jim Carrey on the Kick-Ass 2 Set

Do you have ANY idea how badly I wanted this to be a reality when I was 8?  It’s probably better for everyone that it wasn’t.


I wasn’t thrilled with the first Kick-Ass (the ending was one of the most ludicrous things I’ve ever seen) but maybe the sequel will be incredible? If nothing else, I think the Jim Carrey casting was a smart move. By the way, who read Kick-Ass 2? It definitely seemed like Millar was going strictly for shock value this time.  Wonder how some of the more brutal aspects of the series will be translated to the film.

Trailer Park Did You Know Edition: CBS’s 1997 Justice League of America Trailer & Pilot

Back in the long ago (1997, to be exact) some ballsy yet ultimately misguided studio execs at CBS got it in their heads to try and whip up a weekly series based on a comic book property (keep in mind this is waaaay before Heroes). And since all the good ones (and even not-so god ones) were probably locked up until the Singularity, they had to settle for this: The Justice League of America. The mid-to-late ’90’s super shitty version of the league. I’m surprised they didn’t shoehorn Guy Gardner in to ratchet up the awfulness. Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer below, starring everyone’s favorite, Fat Flash:

The full 80 minute (!) movie is after the jump! (I’d rather watch this than the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern.) Continue reading

Not Excited Enough for The Dark Knight Rises? Check Out This UK Street Art Then

Oh noes! CANNOT WAIT! Sadly I won’t be seeing this at the legit NYC IMAX theater (Lincoln Center, where I’ve seen every major IMAX comic book movie since Spider-Man 2), rather at the bootleg Kip’s Bay imax (doesn’t deserve caps) theater.  Regardless! Months of ignoring trailers, sneak peeks, and over-long previews is almost at an end.  When are you seeing it? (via)

SDCC ’12: Iron Man 3’s Extremis Armor

Marvel’s just unveiled the armor to be used in Iron Man 3.  I think it’s supposed to be based on the current Extremis/Stark Resilient/Bleeding Edge armor.  What do you think?  Take the poll, after the third pic!! P.S. The latest run of The Invincible Iron Man starting from issue 500 is actually pretty rad.