All Right, Who’s Ready To $pend An Untold Amount of Money on the GTA V Collector’s Edition? (Besides Me)

Video game companies must think we’re all suckers. Truth be told, they are spot-on with that assessment. They keep cranking out these massive special editions full of geegaws and whatnots, and we, the video game playing public, keep snapping them up. To what end? I’ve never used the GTA IV lockbox I got with that particular special edition, yet I’ve dragged it to four different apartments (NYC: We Move A Lot). I have so many art books I use them as coasters when all the friends I’ve abandoned to play video games come over to drink heavily.  Now it’s just de facto for any AAA-title to come out with the most overstuffed special edition (usually in tiers, as well, which leaves me in tears haha j/k) to try and pawn off on their particular niche.  The Call of Duty franchise is probably the worst offender. But don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 2 or Uncharted 3.

Still though….Atomic Blimp. That’s mighty tempting.blimp

Keep your eyes peeled (or your browsers pointed here) for further announcements from Rockstar on the whens and (more importantly) the how muchs of pre-ordering your very own copy of Grand Theft Auto V.


Collector’s Edition


Special Edition