Xbox One Who Cares? There’s New Butcher Billy Art to Ogle: The Post-Punk / New Wave Super Friends

You may remember our Brazillian buddy Butcher Billy, from his previous appearances at Modern Borefare (Superhero Media Crossover Project, Clockwork Orange babies, The Smiths 8-Bit Makeover,  The Legion of Real Life Super Villains and Time Travelling Rock Bands) Well, he’s back again and none too soon! Copious ink will be spilled in the coming weks and months about the how’s and why’s of the Xbox One (359 less good than the current iteration, if I know anything about numbers) so let’s spend some time staring, mouths agape, at the latest rock n’ comics hybrid coming straight outta Curitiba, Brazil.
P.S. Sorry Billy, but this Saturday I’ll be rooting for MARK HUNT against who I presume to be your boy, Junior Dos Santos. Butcher Billy via Geekologie
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I’d Watch This: Clockwork Orange Babies

Behold Butcher Billy’s behance boutique of bewitching uh…art. I smell a Kickstarter?