Trailer Park: Captain America – Civil War aka The One With Spider-Man


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Marvel Announces “Civil War 2”, Hopes to Have Secret Wars Issue #9 Completed By Then


Marvel, never one to leave well enough alone while also subscribing to H.L. Mencken’s maxim of “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public” has announced a sequel to its fairly decent mega-crossover from ’06-’07, Civil War, which had “fundamentally shaken the bedrock of the Marvel Universe in new and completely unforeseen ways”(i.e. no it hadn’t).

Creatively titled “Civil War 2: Even More Civil”, bald B. Brian Blair non-impersonator Brian Michael Bendis sez, “The original CIVIL WAR is one of the most important Marvel comics ever, and we are all very excited to have come up with what we hope is a story worthy of the title,” echoes Bendis. “If you are scared of earth shattering Marvel events where no one is safe…be afraid, be very afraid.”

I think they should have gone with their original idea, CYBILL WAR, in which actress Cybill Shepard acquires the Infinity Gauntlet and proceeds to re-write history by placing herself in every award winning film and stage production since the dawn of mankind and the heroes of the Marvel Universe have to unite one more time to stop her cosmic menace.

Meanwhile, issue #9 of the greatest Marvel crossover of all-time, SECRET WARS, has been tentatively schedule to hit shelves 1 month before the inevitable heat death of the universe.