Fallout 76 Hypetrain Is Leaving the Station; All Aboard

Just pre-ordered Fallout 76 (did you know that it’s currently 20% off on Amazon like, right now?). Now let’s all check out this sweet Fallout pic from Chris Bishop.  More from him at ChrisBishop.com and SnakeBomb.com  (Sidenote: My CAW in Smackdown vs. Raw: Here Comes the Pain was named MonkeyBomb. No relation but still – Rest in Power, MonkeyBomb.)

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 10.27.44 AM.png



You’ve got 6 weeks or so to check out some dope new art from DC area artists inspired by Star Wars and/or The Last Jedi but all the cool kids (and me) will be there this Friday. Be there or get dropped into a Sarlaac Pit.

Holiday Starkillers celebrates the cultural phenomena of George Lucas’ epic space opera. In painting, photography, and sculpture, six rebel scum artists explore Star Wars’ films, thematic parallels, early conceptualizations, and astounding mass merchandising. Featuring works by Andrew Wodzianski, Scott G. Brooks, Chris Bishop, Greg Ferrand, Jared Davis, and Steve Strawn.

Exhibition runs December 11 – January 9, 2016.

Game of Thrones – Valentine’s Day in Westeros


Artist Chris Bishop has designed a series of Game of Thrones inspired valentines to give your favorite “i-was-going-be-be-king-but-now-i’m-dead” or your favorite “where-are-my-dragons-WHERE-ARE-MY-DRAGONS” or even your favorite “i’ve-no-intention-of-EVER-finishing-this-series-in-a-satisfactory-manner”.

See more of Chris’ work after the jump, including Punk Rock Han Solo, Bear v Robot & The Baddest Bounty Hunters in the Galaxy.
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