Anti-Hero? Perhaps. Pro-Beer? Definitely! Butcher Billy Returns.

Butcher Billy‘s back and in fine form (where’ve you been? Where have I been?), this time with a mixed seven pack of anti-hero inspired brews that make me angry because they don’t exist. These are all, as we’ve come to expect, stunningly creative and clever new twists that show not only the Butcher’s deep love of the material but also his wildly inventive side. Somehow the guy keeps getting better and more creative with every iteration; how is this even possible? “Well,” you say, accusingly, “what else has this guy done?” Glad you asked.  Check out his Behance page for the pure, uncut experience; he’s got work for sale through Society6, which, if you would like to buy me something, I wouldn’t say no.  Oh, and we’ve featured him here on Modern Borefare.  Y’know, once or twice.
2014-08-13 10_31_15-The Comic Book Super Drunk Hangout by Butcher Billy on Behance

2014-08-13 10_32_28-The Comic Book Super Drunk Hangout by Butcher Billy on Behance 2014-08-13 10_32_18-The Comic Book Super Drunk Hangout by Butcher Billy on Behance 2014-08-13 10_32_10-The Comic Book Super Drunk Hangout by Butcher Billy on Behance 2014-08-13 10_32_02-The Comic Book Super Drunk Hangout by Butcher Billy on Behance 2014-08-13 10_31_54-The Comic Book Super Drunk Hangout by Butcher Billy on Behance 2014-08-13 10_31_43-The Comic Book Super Drunk Hangout by Butcher Billy on Behance 2014-08-13 10_31_29-The Comic Book Super Drunk Hangout by Butcher Billy on Behance
After the jump, a closer look at the labels:
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The Butcher’s Back: Butcher Billy’s American Psychos Bloody Project

What’s this? Twice in one week? I know, I know, keep our pantaloons on. Look though, new Butcher Billy! Ultra sharp pop culture art is enough to rouse me from my stupor.  So either check out his latest project, both below & after the jump, or hit up his section of Behance and get a complete & total eyeful.

For funsies, name all the Bateman Iterations in the comments. G’wah, git.


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Fancy a Butcher? Grunge Street Fighters

Man-o-Manischewitz these are excellent. I too spent large chunks of my youth obsessing over grunge & Street Fighter (generally way more interesting topics that whatever it was I was generally doing at the time aka school/religion/other people talking).  I also learned that the most dangerous person in the arcade is the person who has no idea what they are doing. Death to button mashers!
Related but: I can’t believe SFII  was never released for the OG Game Boy. It would have been TERRIBLE and I would have cherished it forever.14072200dbbaa8390a2e58cfb66d4a19


From the artist himself:

Smells Like Hadouken!

As a teenager in the early 90’s I was exposed to a lot of the aggression coming from the distorted guitars, growling vocals and angst-filled lyrics of the grunge movement, emerging to shake things up in the music scene from that time. 
Meanwhile the gaming scenario was dominated by the cuteness of Super Mario until the arrival of Street Fighter – players turned head-to-head combat into the primary game mode, only to be smashed by a Lightning Kick, a Sonic Boom, a Tiger Uppercut or the popular Hadouken.
This is a collection of pieces combining the two universes – under the concept the devastating special attack combos were as aggressive and mind-boggling as grunge’s powerful and heavily distorted guitar riffs.







Instead of clicking all nimbly-bimbly all over creation (aka teh webz), here’s a quick link library of all of BB’s previous work featured on Modern Borefare:  here, here & here here here here. Don’t forget his behance page! or )

A Lesson In Making Fonts Cool, Courtesy of Butcher Billy

What can I say, the guy doesn’t disappoint. Check out Modern Borefare’s favorite artist, Butcher Billy, and his latest pieces: “Types, Quotes and 2 Smoking Design Tools”

“This is a collection of pieces mixing quotes, soundtracks, typography, colors and design of classics movies, that are classic not just because of one or another aspect of the production, but exactly because of the sharp mix of media that made them immortalized into pop culture forever. What is the quote of your life?”

(these plus way waaaaay more can be found over at his behance page or herehere &  here here here)

Masterful stuff.

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“Come Play My Game, I’ll Test Ya” – New Work from Butcher Billy

I don’t know how this guy keeps knocking out such cool new interpretations of some of our favorite things. I assume sorcery. Whatever the case may be, I hope he never stops. Another case in a long line of examples of super cool pop art to start your Tuesday off with. See more of the Butcher’s work at his Behance site or at various places on Modern Borefare.







Son of Video Game & Comic Book Woodblocks: The Return

This isn’t the first time that we’ve featured Jed Henry‘s mind-bendingly clever Japanese woodblock style takes on video games & comic books; this stuff is so good that we simply have to post whenever new work from him shows up (That honor (ed.note: is it though?) also belongs to Butcher Billy). Enjoy the new images; see if you can guess what they are.  Answers are after the jump!
size500_prints_JedHenry_TroubleAfoot_main size500_prints_JedHenry_DescentIntoMadness_mainsize500_prints_JedHenry_SwiftKill_mainsize500_prints_JedHenry_SecretoftheSpiritTree_main size500_prints_JedHenry_TheFinalChapter_main size500_prints_JedHenry_OriginStory_main
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Truth in Advertising


via Butcher Billy’s Facebook page. Head over & like him, gosh darn it.

This got me thinking about other famous comic book (and comic book adjacent cigarettes):

nailsCoffin Nails (View Askiewniverse)

Hellblazer John Constantine’s & his brand of choice: Silk Cut

preacher-book-2-cv Jesse Custer and the ever popular Marlboro Reds. ‘Murrica.

transmetropolitan Your hero and mine, Spider Jerusalem with his particular poison, Carcinoma Angels.

Any other famous comic book smokers I’m missing?

This, You Gotta See: The Superhero Media Crossover Project

From the always delightful Butcher Billy’s behance page:

It’s easy to forget how much the comic stylings of the 60’s and 70’s have inspired modern films and just how timeless those two-dimensional, spandex-clad superheroes can be. This series replaces live action with the lines they were born from, interlacing cinematography with storyboard.

A true homage to Kirby, Ditko, Romita Sr. and all the other artists that kept inspiring and being a reference to the modern media. And all of us.

391672201e34ac4d5df5f105235448ac e9c0f02aa3b7d817ebf344bcc3cd6a2b 3478b12c1797877a5de938d1459b3599 e6dfba37e46387dba69f1acbca5993e8 085ad3d324d48b2be92ac8418c9c65af 0defc0dec3e4c24d3f11d91788aa0bec 71e98aa56cd2da45f2a226cf8c406205 If you haven’t done so yet, go visit Billy’s page and check out his Time Traveling Rock Groups, The Legion of Real Life Super Villains, The Smiths 8-Bit Makeover Project and more!

I’d Watch This: Clockwork Orange Babies

Behold Butcher Billy’s behance boutique of bewitching uh…art. I smell a Kickstarter?