Now Breaking Bad Never Has To End

Lego Citizen Brick brings you this Breaking Bad Superlab Playset to make sure the cooking fun never stops! All for a cool $250. (ed.note: Apparently these were limited to 400 sets and of course they are sold out. Bummer. But there’s always eBay.) Totally worth it; remember: no half-measures. We still miss you, Mi…er, “World’s best Grandpa”!


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Sons of Anarchy Creator Curses Out AMC for Abusing The Walking Dead

Sutter vs. AMCThe Walking Dead isn’t just the best genre TV on the market, it’s one of the top-rated shows period. Another series that ranks right up there both in terms of quality and popularity is Sons of Anarchy, a personal favorite of mine despite the crap ending to last season. SoA‘s creator, Kurt Sutter, recently took to WhoSay via Twitter to decry AMC’s treatment of his friend and colleague, Glen Mazzara, who took over as showrunner when AMC shitcanned founding Walking Dead producer Frank Darabont. Continue reading