Weekend Links: At a Long Enough Bachelor Party, Everyone’s Life Expectancy Drops to Zero

Taking this, my short reprieve between Parts A & B of my bachelor party, to bring you some hot, honey scented, bourbon flavored links. What am I talking about? I have no idea, I am super hung over.

– Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Junot Diaz Discusses His Love Of Comics – Have you read The Brief, Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao? Dude you are missing out.  That book is AWESOME. Plus Diaz name drops Galactus on the first page. Get it!

– How about some Breaking Bad action figures to liven up your apartment AND keep all of your hentai statues company while you’re at work?

How many ghost butts are YOU currently touching? 

A brief (not so brief) look at all of the intros from the various releases from Rockstar Games. 

Yes, The Library of Congress Has Video Games– See, libraries and librarians ARE cool. We’re just semi-secret about it.

– How the upcoming Black Ops II will handle the Prestige system and other salient details about the upcoming FPS.

– Thanos concept art from The Avengers! 






Alright, now I’m off to Atlantic City to gamble away all of my preciousModern Borefare earnings (ed.note: current Modern Borefare earnings: $0.00) and try to cultivate this dull hangover into something truly horrific. In closing, I want to leave you with the words of a truly gifted wordsmith, who said it best when he said “The Humpty Dance / is your chance/ to do the Hump.”