Supremely Excellent Bryan Lee O’Malley & Kevin Tong ‘Battle Royale’ Poster for Mondo

battleroyaleregularspan I am, of course, angling to get my grubby mitts on my own personal copy of this poster. But as it turns out, this time you can’t just buy the poster from Mondo (never the easiest task in the first place); no, this is a promo item created in tandem with Tugg (who?) to get the word out for self-hosted showings of the Japanese cult classice, Battle Royale.

Modern Borefare’s already thrown its reversible-Cthulu hat/mask into the ring to host a screening; more information if we actually manage to pull this off. Just in case, clear your schedule for the 2nd and 3rd Saturday’s of April. You’ve been put on notice; I WANTS THAT POSTER.

via CA

Marvel Shamelessly Rips Off Battle Royale (Marvel: “No We Didn’t.”)



Don’t worry people it’s totally not Battle Royale; it’s Avengers Arena duh. Tiny bow-tied jackass Arcade (I hated your level in every video game you’ve ever appeared in) somehow scoops up a bunch of teenage mutants, dumps them on Arcade Island (which is a thing now) and makes them hunt each other down. Which is not at all how things go down in Battle Royale. But, Marvel assures us, these deaths will be real and will matter. So…who can you name in the poster above? Would their real, permanent deaths affect your comic buying or reading experience in anyway?

Thought so.

Link via The Beat.