Lonely Days Are Gone, I’m A-Goin’ Home My Baby, Just-A Wrote Me A Letter

I don’t think they’d even get past the salutation before it devolved into a melee…a donnybrook…a brawl…a slobberknocker…they’d fight, you know?


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Lazy Thursday Night Links (Smash Them Open, Find Treasure)

Whoops.  Went out after work for *one* beer. You know how that goes <sad trombone>. Never fear though; I’ve found a couple of interesting things totally worth checking out while I check out from this evening.

– Wrap up of today’s unveiling of Amazon’s trinity of Kindle Fire devices.

– Nuke the Fridge reports that the Blu-Ray Director’s Cut of The Dark Knight Rises will feature the origin of Bane! Venom or GTFO.

Another Game We Should Have But Don’t: The Wire RPG.  You leave Ziggy alone!

– Batman: The Animated Series debuted 20 years ago! You’re old now.  Relieve your misspent youth by watching the pilot, “On Leather Wings”.

15 Things you’ll never hear gamers say.



A Super Mario Bros. Summary: Every Super Mario Bros. level summarized in a single screen sheet. Like so:

Play it in your browser instead of doing work tomorrow! That’s what I’m planning on doing.

Bane’s Audio from The Dark Knight Rises: Before and After


knew they changed Bane’s voice. Look, anytime there’s a movie I’m really anticipating, I try to go into a complete blackout about the film.  No extended trailers, no sneak peeks, no early reviews, nothing.  I want as much of the movie untainted and as new as possible when I see it in the theaters.  That being said, The Dark Knight Rises  was particularly difficult to avoid; the first trailer for it that I saw was during a commercial break for the 2012 Super Bowl.  I managed to avoid everything up until previews started rolling in the theater for The Avengers. Not too bad for ignoring one of the two biggest film events for comic book people this year.

During the Super Bowl commercial, Bane’s voice was unintelligible.  I’d heard rumblings that it was bad, but I never thought it would be that  bad.  You couldn’t understand him! What the hell? Look, I get if you’re wearing a mask your voice will be muffled but you would think that, as a main character of the closing third of a massive & beloved trilogy, you would kind of need to understand his dialogue. Apparently enough people freaked out that they did re-dub the dialogue.  So now you can understand him…and his weird ass lilt.  Odd choices, Mrs. Hardy & Nolan, odd choices.


Batman: The Rockabilly Knight

Dennis Medri’s spectacularly inventive re-design of Batman and his supporting cast as set in the 1950’s rockabilly scene.  Check out his incredible deviantart site and then check below the jump for a Spider-Man steampunk redesign.

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