Trailer Park – The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land – New Game Shambles onto the Mobile Scene

Just a quick tease at this point though I’m curious to see if any game play gets revealed at Comic Con this week? As right now, while pretty, the trailer isn’t telling me all that much and neither is the game’s site. Since there is exactly zero information about this game, here’s what I’m hoping for: a cross between Dead Island & Resident Evil, which will basically ensure that I will give you all of my monies in incremental micro-payments. It’ll be interesting to see what Next Games does to differentiate its product from the stellar Walking Dead games which TellTale Games keeps dropping on us.


Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition Box

The Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition Set  Uncrate - Mozilla Firefox_2013-02-13_16-00-21









The Walking Dead’s home releases are getting more and more interesting; check out the newly released image for what the Season 3 box set will look like. The only problem with these? These are meant for display, not storage. Which means if you store your DVDs and/or Blu-Rays (ed. note: People from the future! DVDs and Blu-Rays were disc-shaped, plastic based physical media that homo sapiens would use to store, transport & view information.) upright, spine-out as God intended, your system is about to get completely boned. Actually, this season isn’t so bad, but check out the physical monstrosity that was season 2:

the walking dead season 2 limited edition set - Google Search - Mozilla Firefox_2013-02-13_16-00-44

Good lack putting that in your rack!
the walking dead season 1 limited edition set - Google Search - Mozilla Firefox_2013-02-13_16-02-06