FIFA 13 Career Mode, Episode 2

Back from a wedding and resurrected from the depths of Hurricane Sandy’s wrath, Napoleon Bonaparte gets back on the pitch and continues his own path of destruction towards to the Ligue 1 Championship and a place in the Champions League.

ACA 1 – Valenciennes FC 2

After starting out with a 1-0 lead 6 minutes into the game, Valenciennes scores two unlikely goals 4 minutes apart right before the half.  The first goal a header off of free kick that just went over the goalkeeper’s head. The second one more of a headscratcher really on the defense.  The right back trying to clear the ball out of his zone kicks it right into the 18 yard box where Aboubakar, the striker for Valenciennes, gets a head on it before the goalie can make a play and it goes right into the net.  Valenciennes would play a tough defense the rest of the game and unfortunately ACA go home with zero points for this first time this season.

ACA 2 – Toulouse 0

With Murgu away on International duty, the young striker Delort comes in and takes his place hoping to make his mark on Ligue 1.  Two powerful strikes by Eduardo and newcomer Delort were all that were needed as Ajaccio took the first game of the Coupe de Ligue against Toulouse.  The victory in the first round gives my team additional funds.  How much you ask. A whopping 75,000.  Oh what can I buy. A Xavi, an Iniesta, a Messi.  More like a nice big bag of Hersheys kisses.

Not going under the radar is the stellar play of Carl Medjani and Sajamary Diarra.  Their play has been stellar and they have been the men who are probably the first names on Bonaparte’s team sheet.  The manager has been ebullient in his praise for both of these players recently.


The biggest tranfers of the season so far have been Mario Balotelli to FC Barcelona for 34 million Euros.  Kaiseke Honda has taken his talents out of Russia and signed a 15 million euro transfer to play in La Liga with Athletico Madrid.


Before the match with Olympique Lyon Bonaparte took the time to praise midfielder Michel Bastos. He considers the 29 year old from Brazil a dangerous weapon.  “We always study the good players, even if it’s just to admire them.  Michel Bastos is definitely worth studying.”  Well Napoleon did something right in this game because Bastos, along with what seemed to be the rest of OL, were held in check.  A pretty lackluster where the only scoring came through on a rebound shot by Cavlli in the 54th minute.  Damien Tiberi after the game says, “I’ve got to get more playing time boss, I’m frustrated when I’m not picked.”

The Rise and Reign of Napoleon Bonaparte….in FIFA

The day FIFA gets released is always a great day for me.  Watching live matches for the past month or so gets me itching to get my hands on the latest edition of FIFA and this game so far has not disappointed.  The level of depth in the Ultimate Team, EA Sports Football Club, and Career modes have me so sidetracked today I’ve only played a handful games over the four to five  hour span that I’ve actually had the game.

Aside from the Ultimate Team which will be taking up a majority of my time, I have decided to start a career and give updates as I work my up from the lowly ranks of a Ligue 1 French team to the head coach of a World Cup squad.

As a history teacher by heart (this year I’m teaching third grade) I will play as one of my favorite historical figures.  A man whose strategy is studied at military academies all over the world.  Hopefully some of his strategies will have a successful translation from the battlefield and onto the playing field.  The man who will be leading the charge is none other than Napoleon Bonaparte.

From the humble beginnings in Ajaccio in Corsica where our dear leader was born (you can visit his house), Napoleon will set out to first prove his dominance of the French Leagues against the likes of PSG, Olympique Lyon, and Lille. But soon he will set his eyes on bigger prizes like he did almost 200 years ago.  Austria, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, and finally strive get revenge on the country that decimated his army…..Russia.  As the newly appointed general…, Napoleons sole objective in the first season is simply to avoid relegation.  Working with only a 1.8 million euro budget, time will tell if his financial strategy of getting good players is as good as his strategy on the pitch.  Season starts tomorrow with games against OGC Nice and the oh so dangerous PSG….

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