Borderlands 2: Exponential Excitement Increase

This weekend I pulled the trigger (Ed. note: really? Ugh.) and pre-ordered Borderlands 2. Not going to lie, I almost bought the $99 Deluxe Vault Hunter’s Edition.  Somehow my mania abated long enough to navigate over to the “normal” version and hit purchase.




So now I’ve EIGHT WHOLE DAYS of waiting until the game arrives. Luckily, Gearbox Software has me (and by extension, you) covered, with interactive skill trees where you can spec out your perfect character.

Zero, the Assassin & likely my first playthrough

The original Borderlands saw me play through twice (as well as one time through the now de rigueur zombie expansion) with my character, Mordecai the Hunter & his/my trusty bloodwing named, uh, Bloodwing.  Suffice it to say, I liked the first Borderlands and I am really expecting big things form the sequel**. Especially looking forward to see what improvements they make this go ’round (and am also hoping that my previous Borderlands save bestows some sort of in-game bonus…).

Here’s the launch date trailer to whet/re-whet your appetite:

**Let’s hope this isn’t one of those games that I’m looking forward to for months, buy, and am incredibly disappointed in, like: Assassin’s Creed, Kane & Lynch, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Brink, Rage

Trailer Park: Borderlands WHOOOO, Am I Going to Have to Buy a Vita, Who is Batman & What Does Marcellus Wallace Look Like?

No game coming out this year fills me with such giddyness & joy as Borderlands 2.

Assassin’s Creed III Liberation looks so good I kind of want to buy a PS Vita.  I can’t, I mean, really.  When would I ever have time to play it? Still, watch the trailer; you’ll want one too.  To make matters worse, there’s a sweet bundle too.  Maybe I can get one cheap off of Craigslist or something.






Are you Batman? Are you?

Pulp Fortress 2 – The breakfast scene from Pulp Fiction  recreated in Valve’s recently released Source movie editor.


The VPH Review: The Darkness II On The Edge of Town

This is what boredom & an unlimited video game rental policy gets you: it gets you to play The Darkness II. At least that’s what I thought as I shuffled home, hands shoved in pockets & kicking cans.  “Stupid…Darkness II…razzemfrazzem.”

That was all before I got home and fired the game up.  Whoa. I take back all of my Charlie Brown-esque dejection about renting this game. Even though it only took me about eight hours to finish, those were a cool-ass eight hours! Took me around 8 hours to complete Darkness II and I’m glad I played it.  Was it a game I’d go back to later?  Probably not, but definitely fun enough that you can probably pick it up some weekend you’ve got nothing going on.  Watch some terrible documentary on Netflix or tear mobsters apart with Darkness demons from Hell? Real tough choice…

The visuals were comical and different, which is always really appreciated.  Nice to see 2K Games got out of the box a bit for a non-run of the mill gaming experience. I wasn’t real keen on the cut scenes though; they didn’t seem to add anything and luckily they let you skip them because I really wasn’t interested.  They just didn’t seem to advance the story too much.  What did  enhance the story in my oh-so-humble opinion was the monkey that you can throw.  Always a bonus!  Would you like to buy a monkey?

Bottom line: Does the Darkness II set the world on fire? Was it a land mark video gaming event?  No, but it was never intended to.  It’s a pass-able comic book property that’s been adapted to video games and it’s a fun, bloody, messy, quick experience. Like your birth, just waaaaay cheaper (like that last joke).