“The answer is…we poorly act out The Dark Knight”

Everybody’s “favorite” “actor” Tommy Wiseau is angling for the job of The Joker…for some reason. Some enterprising genius plopped his audition reel into The Dark Knight. Enjoy!

Things We Love & Now You Love It As Well: Paul Robertson

I don’t even remember where/how I stumbled upon Paul Robertson‘s work. Irrelevant though, b\c it is awesome & captivating (awesomely captivating? Captivatingly awesome?). HOW DO YOU MAKE THIS STUFF IT IS SO COOL ARGHHHHH.

His stuff seems like it’s heavily influenced from the River City Ransom/Technos school, just modernized and dialed up to seizure-inducing levels.  Check out his Tumblr for more current stuff.

Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006

Kings of Power 4 Billion%

Super Dino Boys